Awesome Poem

This poem was written by a dear friend.   It is beautiful.   I have no words that can do it justice. 

Written May 17th 2007

by Sandra Jean Lombard

God knew you little one

before you were conceived,

and so the Lord above sent you from Heaven

because there was a need.



Your parents loved you little one

and embraced your love anew,

with each day’s passing

their love for you grew.



While you were here on earth little one

you made friends far and wide,

because of a simple smile and

your heart of gold deep inside.



Though time was short little one,

we did not know for how long,

The Lord above would lend you to us

And then begin to call you home.



\You taught us lessons in life little one

Even though you were so small

Compassion and Patience

And the greatest gift of all



To love unconditionally

And remind us of Faith

bringing us closer to our children

With your loving grace.   



With every tear that shed

The day God called you home

Your memory lives on

because of what you have shown…



to a mother, afather,

a sister and a brother

a Grandparent, a friend

unlike no other…



It is true sweet little one,

What others have said,

“the smallest of packages

are not small but big.



You may have been small

In measure, but in heart

yours was the biggest

than any other part.



Go home little one

for God calls you now

In heaven there’s no wires,

No pain, just clouds.



Where you can run

and you can play

smile and laugh

throughout the day.



We will never stop loving you

Little one, never forget you

Baby Johnathan

On this day or any day thereafter….



With Love, the Lombard family, 

the family (DY forum)

and Homeschooling Moms family