Just taking a break.   WE meaning the kids and I have totally trashed the house trying to clean it.  I have a living room full of yard sale stuff, and a dining room that is completely torn apart because I am going through it and organizing it and trying to see if there is more yard sale stuff.  I just finished the computer desk so, I figured why not get on this thing for a few.  And a few is what it is going to be.  lol.  I have kept myself so busy it is unreal.  I sewed an apron, and am almost done with a quilt and the tearing apart of the house.  Plus, I have a booster meeting tonight.  Which I have all of the stuff printed off for that.  So, that is done.  I just need to finish this dining room.  We are going around the outsides and throwing stuff in the middle where Harley and Stacey are going through it and getting out all the trash and then putting it in piles of where it goes in the house.  The system was working fine until I got on here and they all scattered.  I guess they deserve a break too.  I haven’t had pop since Friday night.  I am giving it up and I think I got energy now because of it.  Let’s hope so. 

Well, the natives are getting restless and fighting so, I guess it is back to work for all of us.  lol


Just like the title says. I am really depressed.  I am just not interested in anything.  I can’t focus.   Stacy (my friend)  said I need to update this.  So, I am.  We went out Saturday night, just to get out and get away.  We happened upon the Jazz and Rib Fest at the park.  It was really great.  See here in little ole springfield, we have a Summer Arts Festival that runs about 6 weeks and everything there is free.  Well, except the food.   So, we decided to stop and walk around get some exercise and really enjoyed it.  We sampled some ribs and corn too.  They had resonable prices.  I was surprised. 

We were talking and we got on the subject of life after death.  Like where our souls go and such.  I have had some Jehovah Witnesses that have been stopping by and I said ok, I will study with you but, I don’t agree with some of the things that you teach and expect me to disagree.   She agreed.   But, she told me Saturday morning I think that it was that bodies are just lying there waiting.  No souls go to heaven, heaven is full.   Now, that goes against everything that I am taught and well, I just can’t believe it.  I have heard of the resurrection and I have heard souls going to heaven.  

Stacy and I were also talking about the fact that every bible is different and everyone interprets it a different way.  We could each read the same verse and have different interpretations of it.  It is so confusing.  I told her that we really need to find someone and talk to them about things someone who is really well versed in the bible.  Maybe who has special training in the original format so to speak. 

We also talked about different religions.  How do we know which one is right.  I mean you have Jewish, Buddist, Hindu, Christian, etc…..

They mostly all have a basis of each other but, different aspects.  Now, how do we know which one we are supposed to be or ….. here is a crazy thought, what if they are all right??? My favorite verse is Ephesians 4:5  There is one Lord, One Faith, One Baptism..

If that is the case, then we ALL should serve the same God, believe the same, etc..

Sorry about all of the etc…

I am not sure.  I really need to get a hold of my pastor and pick his brain so to speak.  I just really don’t like bugging people, but, this is bugging me. 

I think the Jehovah Witness people are doing what they are supposed to do.  Putting a seed of doubt in my heart and I really don’t like that.

I should really just tell them no go away don’t want to hear it, but, I am truely not that mean. 

Jean told me that you need to minister to all people regardless of your differences.  I feel though that i haven’t the tools to do so.  I would really like to get into a good bible study and just start learning and learning some more.  Because the more I try to do it on my own, the more I can’t do it. I have no one to ask questions to or get another point of view.  My grandmother sends me a bible study book once a month it is a A Closer Walk.  That is fine and all, but, I have no direction.  I need direction.  I pray for it but, when there is no one but myself to lead, then well, I get no where.  Very discouraging at the moment.  But, I plan on fixing that. 

Well, thanks for listening to me. 

oh yeah, on a side note…  They dug the place (hole) for JT’s marker.  I hope it comes in soon. It is beautiful