Just taking a break.   WE meaning the kids and I have totally trashed the house trying to clean it.  I have a living room full of yard sale stuff, and a dining room that is completely torn apart because I am going through it and organizing it and trying to see if there is more yard sale stuff.  I just finished the computer desk so, I figured why not get on this thing for a few.  And a few is what it is going to be.  lol.  I have kept myself so busy it is unreal.  I sewed an apron, and am almost done with a quilt and the tearing apart of the house.  Plus, I have a booster meeting tonight.  Which I have all of the stuff printed off for that.  So, that is done.  I just need to finish this dining room.  We are going around the outsides and throwing stuff in the middle where Harley and Stacey are going through it and getting out all the trash and then putting it in piles of where it goes in the house.  The system was working fine until I got on here and they all scattered.  I guess they deserve a break too.  I haven’t had pop since Friday night.  I am giving it up and I think I got energy now because of it.  Let’s hope so. 

Well, the natives are getting restless and fighting so, I guess it is back to work for all of us.  lol


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