Booster President

Ok, I am Booster President this year.   I am not sure how this year is going to work.  I have been thinking about this all night.  I really don’t want to be up at that school everyday like I was last year.  I was just pulled so thin because of being up there, going to the hospital every night, and then we were in a program called FAST.  It was too much. I want this year to be more relaxed.  I think I deserve it.   I am going to be teaching a class at church.  Which from what Janelle said, most of the lessons someone else gets together.  It sounds really fun. 

This year we have two presidents.  I am only in charge of family nights.  Which doesn’t mean I won’t help with the fundraisers. Just means I don’t have to set them up.  Which they are already set up for the most part we did that this summer.   So, I am having 2 arts and crafts family nights,  a science night with cool experiments, and a dr. Suess reading night.  Last year they went really great.   I hoping they do the same this year.  I just am not into the whole talk to people have a smile on my face all day long blah blah blah. 

With that being said, I am not going to be mean to anyone.  lol.  I am just at a point right now, where I don’t want to deal with people.  I don’t want to have to make conversation, I don’t want to have to sell the school so that they will be more involved.  But, I got elected and I guess I better do my job. 

Ok, enough whining.

I read Hebrews like my pastor asked me to do.  Very powerful book, I never realized.  Put alot of things to rest for me.  I can say that.  If I can figure out how to do different catagories on this thing, well, I am going to go chapter by chapter and tell what it means to me.   I think this will also help me. 

Well, that is all for now. 



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