The boys….

Ok, here goes the update.  It is really sad actually.  The boys went with their grandmother.  Who was actually really rude about it. 

She lied to me, she said that their house had electricity, gas, and they had food.  None of which was true.  The mother had used all of the food stamps to buy drugs and I called the electric and gas company and their wasn’t even an order in to get it turned on.  She got mad at me for checking and calling her on it.  She said that I should have trusted her.  Well, not when it concerns to children who have been through so much already.  So, they are with their grandmother.  That concerns me so much.  I would go into it but, it really isn’t going to change anything.  So, they are with their grandmother and grandfather.  I really don’t know how they are doing.  She and I have had no contact.   But, I pray that they are well. 


5 Responses


  2. Oh, Bobbie, I know that this must just break your your heart. Trust God to watch over them. Remember that He loves them more than you do.


  3. I’m sorry, will pray that they are safe and well.

  4. Hi Bobbie,

    I don’t know all what is going on, but hugs!

  5. I will be praying that the boys are well taken care of and loved.

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