AHH I am back…..

My lovely keyboard was broke and I couldn’t type.   I have been really busy too and it has been sooo hot.  I really haven’t been trying to be on here.   My bible study is going great.  Beth Moore can sure teach it.  lol. 

 I learned alot about my faith these last few days and it has been very humbling I think that is the word that I want to use.  I need to be active in my faith and it always going to be challenged and it is going to grow and it will take a step back and go forward.   But, I really want to be active in my faith.  To keep learning an building it.   I really have had my faith tested with J.T.  I seen miracles happen with him. I seen them everyday.  Every day that he made it was a day he beat the odds and wasn’t supposed to be here.  Every day that he fought to live was a miracle.  Every surgery that he made it through it was a miracle.   I seen all of my prayers answered but, not the last one.  The one to see him completely whole and healed.   But….. was it?? I mean he is whole and healed.  He is suffering no more and one day I WILL see him again.  I know this.  I really know this, but, I still want my baby with me at home.  So, our prayers were answered.  Just not like I wanted them.  And yes, my faith was wavering.  But, this bible study has gotten me so excited again is the word that I think I want to use.  Excited about my faith and wanted to learn and know and just be a child of God. 

Like Martina sings:  God is Great But sometimes life ain’t good.  And when I pray it doesn’t always turn it out like I think it should but, I do it anyway.

And I guess I’ll leave it at that for right now.


2 Responses

  1. no our prayers aren’t always answered the way we would like them to be, but the Lord does indeed know us the best and what is best for us.

  2. He always hears and answers. Sometimes the answers aren’t the ones we want or when we want but the prayers are always answered – sometimes we’re just s busy that we can’t/don’t hear Him.

    So glad the Bible study is helping. Sounds to me like God is working in your life.

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