Why does life have to get in the way of life?  That is the question for today.  I just don’t understand.  My kids pick today to be as rotten as they can be.  or it may be that they are acting normal and I just can’t deal with it.  I don’t know. But, I really feel like knocking them against a wall.  Although I would never do that.  Just a feeling.  It will pass.  at least I hope it will.   lol

I am letting them blow off some steam.  They are dancing.  Not to music I think they should be but, well, we hardly ever agree in that department.  

We have to leave here about 5:30 and I am getting sick to my stomache.  I just want it to go good.  You know?  I know I know, it is just balloons and a few poems.  but, I am so afraid, I am going to break down in front of people and cry.  Don’t really want that to happen because I am trying to keep this light hearted.  We’ll see.   Well, that is all for now.


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  1. (((Bobbie)))

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