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Nothing happening to much here.   I have a friend and his girlfriend over here and she is in labor so, yeah!! We are waiting for a baby.  We don’t know the gender yet.  The baby has been hiding it.  lol.   So, I keep asking her if her water broke and calling her turtle turtle because she gets stuck.  I remember being there.  It’s funny when it is someone else.  She thinks it is funny too. 

I really have mixed emotions about it.  I am happy they are having a full term healthy baby, but, then again I feel like I hate her sometimes.  It isn’t fair.   But, what in life is?  Pretty much nothing.  I wrote JT a really long letter today.  I was feeling really depressed, so, I wrote him.  It made me feel so much better. 

OH yeah!!!! Speaking of the little chuba wubba, His headstone is now in.  It is gorgeous. My step son called me because they were at the cemetary doing a memorial for his uncle and they went to visit JT’s grave and he called me all excited that it was finally in.    I rushed down there so quick to see it.  I was really excited and it looks better than I expected.  I never realized to the full extent how long his name actually is.   lol.   I think his name is longer than he was when he was born.  It says Johnathan “JT” Thomas Michael Poling.  Then his dates.  08-29-06  –  05-17-07

Always loved

Never to be forgotten

and there is a small heart after that and he also has a praying angel on there. 

I was so excited though.  Kinda sickening what I get excited about these days. 

His birthday celebration went great we did a balloon release and watched the balloons until they were gone.  Sang Happy Birthday and Brittney and Ashley read a poem. 

While we were waiting for everyone to get there the kids went around the cemetary reading headstones.  We deemed it a field trip in history.  lol.  Which is true.  There is a lot of history in that cemetary.

I have been really busy with school starting and Ashley starting she uses my computer at the moment until we can get hers hooked up.  I don’t know why I am dragging my feet on that.  Just laziness I guess. Who knows. But, hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll get to it.  lol

Well, that is all for my horendously long update.  I promise I will try to write more often.  he he. 


4 Responses

  1. I’m so glad JT’s headstone is in now. It sounds lovely.

    I understand about the mixed emotions thing. Me and someone I knew were pregnant at the sametime. Her baby was healthy and perfect, while Jessica was getting sicker and sicker. After awhile it was getting hard to be around her, while my daughter was sitting on the sofa with IV’s hooked up to her with a nurse walking around my livingroom, her baby was crawling and playing with toys. It just didn’t seem fair as you stated. These feelings will lessen as time goes on, but they will still pop up every now and then. ((HUGS Bobbie))

  2. There is nothing wrong with being excited that your son’s headstone is in place. God knows that you loved JT a great deal and I’m sure that He did a happy dance as well.

    It’s OK to feel bad that someone else it having a healthy baby. It’s natural. You just have to pray through it.

  3. I am glad JT’s headstone is finally in. I am sure it is really lovely. Very cool that your SS was able to see it and let you know it was there.

    It is very natural to be happy for your friend and still be angry & upset occasionally. Those feelings will continue to pop up when you least expect them to. Like Elaine said, you will have to pray to work through the hard times. Sure wish I could give you a big hug at those moments.

  4. Bobbie,
    I am glad that JT’s headstone is there. I wish many times I could live near you and be there when the ballons were released for JT’s Birthday celebration in his honor.

    I understand those mixed feelings. I felt the same way when my neice had her baby after I had lost mine. I’m here in love as your sister in Christ and I will continue to be here because you are a friend. I miss your beautiful son but I am happy knowing he is up in heaven with God.
    Hugs to you my sister Bobbie…

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