OH my gooshness!!!

I have been so busy lately, I have no idea sometimes whether I am coming or going.   Next week, it will slow down as I only have two outside the home things to do.

 The neighbor will be taking the girls to school and picking them up so, I don’t even have to go out of the house for that.   Yippee!!!  I am so happy about that. 

I have Arts and Crafts night tonight at school.  I have it organized so that all the supplies for each craft are in a baggie and the child just has to pick up a baggie and get to it.  I wanted to keep cutting to a minimum, but, that left me with cutting.  My hands are so sore from it. I assembled some examples, that was fun.  I went and did all the shopping for the supplies, that was fun also.  I love spending other people’s money.  lol. 

I hope tonight goes well, we are having refreshments and raffle prizes also.  Everything is free.  You get a raffle ticket when you walk in the door.  Everyone does even the babies.   We like to keep family nights free.  This is a time when you can come to school and have fun and it is free and you get to spend time with your family and check out the school also and see your teachers in a different environment not the official school environment per se.   I enjoy doing things like this and organizing it.   I absolutely love it.  I try to hide it but, I can’t lie I love it. 

Well, there is my update.  Ihope I get to update more It seems here lately I don’t have time for the computer as much as I would like. But, hopefully next week I will.  he he. 


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  1. Good to see you here, Bobbie. I miss “seeing” you daily.

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