Waiting waiting waiting

I really don’t like waiting. You waste time that way. We have been waiting forever for this nut and candy shipment to the school and it is really beginning to really get annoying. I mean come on it is over a week late and people are starting to get really angry about it. Which I don’t blame them. I feel the same way. It was promised the week of the 17th and we all know that is come and gone. It was promised yesterday but, it somehow didn’t get loaded onto the truck. We even told them that we would be able to be in the building until 7. Nope still nothing. So, the expected time is today between 12 and 2. I told them to call me when it came in and then I would be up there. I am totally not wasting my time again. All day we waited yesterday and nothing. I guess this should teach me patience but, not really, when you say you are going to have something done then it should be done. Especially if you are running a business. It shows bad business skills and I don’t relly foresee them getting anymore of our business. It is a shame really because we have been working with this guy for years at the school and he decided to go with a different company and well, nothing is working. But, when you have angry parents you have to make some harsh decisions. and I think our decision is going to be to not go with him again. I really think that is what way most of us Boosters are leaning. It has been a really stressful sale and not from our end. We are very organized and got everything in and on time. This is from his end. So, he really needs to clean it up.
Did I ever mention that I am really not into the Booster thing this year? I am on the fence about it. I used to enjoy it but here lately not so much and it isn’t the complaining from the sale and things not here on time. I can handle that no big deal. It just doesn’t feel right this year. We talked about unity and sticking together and communication and you know, I really don’t see that. But, hey that is just me. I probably just have other issues going on. Ok, ha ha we all know I am full of issues. lol.

Well, there is my gripe for the day. lol Sorry you had to listen to it. uh err read it.

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  1. You are right that is very unprofessional behavior to promise something and then not follow through. Nope I wouldn’t be using that business again.

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