Keeping him running…

I am such a bad bad step mom. lol. Everyone is gone but me and Timmy. Harley and Stacey and Mikayla are with Mike getting new shoes. Ashley is at a friend’s house. So, I have been sitting here at the computer just playing. It is so nice and quiet here.

The bad part is just when Timmy gets to a part in his game where he can win, I say hey Timmy, go get me… I mean half the stuff I don’t need but, it is fun. Because he forgets to pause it and just jumps up to do what I tell him to. So, then he has to go do it again. Sorry, I may be the only one to find humor in this, but, well, I need comic relief and he is giving it to me. I guess we can put this down to learning a lesson. Remember to pause game before jumping up. And he won’t even think to ask me if he can finish it first.

I am cracking up and he keeps trying to figure out why. He is just hilarious today. And I have missed him so, I HAVE to pick on him.

We are going full force with the laundry today. I have had some visitors for the past 3 weeks and they FINALLY left today. I was so happy to see them go. A few days is no problem but, when it turns into weeks, well, I just don’t like my space messed with for that long. So, we are catching up on the laundry. I figured we are past Mt. Washmore and have grown to Mt. Takeoverthehouse. But, by tonight it should be all done.

My Aunt, my crazy one,(and I mean that with love), is thinking of coming down within the next couple of weeks, the girls want haircuts and I trust her to give them what they want. And I am thinking of cutting my completly off well, completely to me is to my shoulders. Or maybe a little higher. Not sure yet,and I only trust her to do my hair. She is a licensed barber. Yep, you read that right. No beautician for her. Her lifelong dream was to have a barber shop with a barber pole and that she did. She no longer does but, well, she did that is what counts. She set a goal and accomplished it.

I am not sure how I feel about her visiting because well, she is crazy. She has been off of drugs for about 2 maybe 2 1/2 years. And while I am extremely happy for her I don’t know how to take her because I have only known the drug addict Aunt. This new, goes to church, believes in God, apologetic Aunt is not something that I am used to dealing with and for some reason, I am not ready to let all the stuff that she did to me or said to me go. Now, I know I should but that was 30 years of not so niceness. I am trying though and praying about it so, hopefully I can come to a spot where I look at her and just see her and not everything else. I don’t know. It kinda scares me too. What if I get used to this new Aunt and she heads right back to the drugs? Then I am out of an Aunt again. And let me say this she is like my mother, she took care of me more than my mother did and I lived with her longer than I lived with my mom. So, I don’t think of her as just my Aunt. I think of her as my mom. So, I guess all in all I don’t want to be let down. I want her to be to me sometimes the mom that neither she nor my mom where. Not discounting that we were always provided for, I just want the emotional part of it. I never had that and well, it would be nice to have that once in a while.

Well, enough of me. Everyone have a great and blessed day!!!!!!!

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  1. Don’t blame you about Timmy, 😉 I’d do the same and have w/my kids. 😆

    As for your aunt, pray about it. Ask God to help you love her. Ask Him to allow you to see her as He does. You just might be surprised. No matter what give the entire visit and relationship to Him.

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