Last Night was a riot!

Last night was a good end to a terribly ridiculous day. Hubby and I went to see the LAF comedy tour. Wendy Liebman, Greg Giraldo, and Colin Quinn were there and it was hosted by Joe deVito. It was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

Yesterday started out ok, but, just the stuff that happended to me was crazy. The kids and I got up and cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen spotless, the living room most of the way and were going to leave the dining room for today. Well, the kids made the menu for the week. I made the grocery list and we were off to the grocery. Read this, me and six kids. We get about 3 blocks away and all of a sudden, nothing but, loud very loud noise and then rumble. The part that my hubby had fixed on the exhaust had broken and it was hanging and scrapping. We turn around and make it home with out blowing up and hubby rips it off and tells me that he can’t fix it this time. Oh pooh. So, anyway we get back into the car and think we are again heading to the store. We hear a loud pop and I thought that my tire had blew. So, we turn around in the alley and go get hubby again. He is laughing because well, I never thought to even look at the tire. The exhaust or he said the muffler part fell off, Yep, there it was in the alley. So, again we go to the store. I have my list and we get there and shop with out any of the screaming and the I wanting that usually accompanies it. We only forgot two things because well, we had looked all over that place and couldn’t find them. The kids helped bag and actually did a great job of it. they loaded the car and then when we got home unloaded it and helped put it away. After that we watched X-Men 1 and 2 and then got ready for me and hubby to go out. So, after all the fiasco we went through trying to get to the store and finally getting there, it was actually a great day.

I don’t know if you know anything about my house, but, my kids love to pick on and fight with each other and well, we didn’t have that yesterday. I guess it is right keep em busy and they won’t have time for it. lol.

The Comedy tour was a blast. Greg Giraldo was the best. I think it was because he was louder and I could understand him. The other two were kinda not speaking into the mircrophone the right way and you could only hear bits and pieces of it. But, still it was time alone without kids for once. It was nice.

So, that was my crazy day yesterday.


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  1. Glad that the 2 of you were able to get away w/o the kids. That is so important from time to time.

    What a day and I sure hate it when stuff goes wrong w/my vehicle but it’s worse when hubby isn’t around to take care of it or can’t take care of it.

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