I have had no ambition to write these past few weeks. I usually love to write. I would write anything or about anything. Something as boring as writing a term paper was just heaven to me. But, here lately I have no ambition.

A had a sad and happy day Saturday. Happy because it was Megan’s birthday party and well, I love Megan dearly. She is one of a kind. You meet her and can just see the mischief in her eyes. She turned 4 Saturday. She is Mikayla’s best friend and Stacy’s daughter. We had fun at the party. Stacy even did a few magic tricks. lol.

It was sad because well, I got a call from the NICU. I had been out running errands all morning. I had to get a bag for Megan’s present and also get stuff for our halloween party and pay some bills. I had to run home so Ashley could get something from the house and Mike comes running out with the phone. He said the NICU called. I argued with him for a while and the whole while I was about to get sick. Why could they possibly be calling me. He said yes, they did call. So, I took a breath held it and called. Yes. they had called. Joyce answered the phone. I asked if someone had called me she said well, yes, they did. She knew who I was and didn’t even have to say my name. She said she knew my voice. She had really sad news. Retta, who was a PCA up there had passed away Wednesday. In her home. No rhyme or reason. Just happened. Now, to know Retta, she always knew when to give you a pat, a hug, or just sit with you and tell you yes, it isn’t fair but, you gotta just love him. She showed me how to use a really big crotchet needle to make baby blankets that took like a day and a half to make. She touched so many people with her humor and her compassion and love she had for the babies and parents that were going through our journey in the NICU. She was awesome at what she did and did it selflessly. I feel safe in knowing that JT has someone up there that he knows and that he welcomed her with open arms. But, she will be greatly missed here. I am so glad that she helped me so much and she was a surprise guest at his funeral. Vicky said she was bringing someone and that someone was Retta. She just recently sent me a card letting me know that she was thinking of me. She didn’t forget you when you left and that is a trait that not alot of people have.

So, thank you Retta for the Love and the selfless way that you took care of those around you.


3 Responses

  1. 😦 I’m sorry to hear about Retta, Bobbie.


  2. Reading this story about Retta has me in tears. She sounds like one of God’s earthly angels sent to minister to people in pain. I’m glad that she was there for you. Perhaps to deal with this fresh pain you could crochet some baby blanket for little ones going through JT’s journey in her memory.


  3. I remember you talking about her in your journey at the hospital. How wonderful to have someone like that to take care of JT when he was in the NICU.
    Big Hugs, Bobbie. I love you.

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