First off let me say Happy Thanksgiving.

As I sit here just enjoying my time with my crazy family, I began thinking. What would I do with out them. They are a crazy lot I tell ya. Me included. I have the want to be in charge let me take over everything because I can do it better than anyone else even if it is all wrong.
The moody sometimes depressed with an awesome sense of humor.
The whiny smart alec who is stuck to me like glue.
The rambuctious 2 year old who is trying to be independant and mimicks all around her.

I mean what more could I ask for. They bring me joy they bring me strife, they make me worry, they make me laugh.

Then there is my hubby who for the life of me I just love to death and makes me laugh and worry and angry and all the in between.

But, you know what, that is what makes up life. Without all that we would all be stuck in a rut.
Someone once explained to me that faith and walking in Christ is like a moving stream. To keep learning and living you have to be moving. Because when you are stuck in your faith in one spot, the water grows stagnant. You have to keep achieving for more.

So, on this Thanksgiving day, I am thankful for my family, my friends, my faith and the fact that Jesus died for my sins so that I may have eternal life. I am also thankful for the hardships that I have had to endure. I have been beaten down and by the grace of God and my faith have managed every time to come back up again. And believe me I have had lots of tragedy in my life. Some that I never should have lived through. But, I have. I have always had faith and trust in God. Because no matter what I was going through he was a constant in my life. He was the one that carried me through.

Even through my latest hardship. I felt him there the whole time. I seen miracle after miracle happen and my prayers where answered in whole.

We sometimes only call to God in our hard times. We only call to him when things don’t go our way or are rough. I need to learn to lean on him in the good times also.

So, for my life, all of it and everything it entails. I am thankful.


One Response

  1. That is very beautiful, Bobbie.
    You have come a long way and have allowed the Holy Spirit to move around and through you to keep you growing and moving.

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