Thanksgiving day!!

Well, today was the day for us. We had lots of great stuff and we turned the phones off. I even put a little message on there to let everyone know that we wouldn’t be answering the phone. Didn’t stop a few people, but, hey I didn’t hear it so, I don’t care. lol

We all cooked together in the kitchen. Stacey was having so much fun. I finally had to let her leave something for somebody else to do. She kept hogging it all. Everything turned out great. Nothing was burned, nothing was undercooked. Which is amazing in itself. Because I always mess something up. The dinner rolls weren’t even burned. Can you imagine that?? I can’t.

We all went around and told what we were thankful for and that was some real eye openers. Stacey was joking and said that she was thankful for Bratz, which made Mikalya thankful for Dora and well, it got really goofy. I loved it.

Then we layed around and watched season 3 of House. We love that show. The things they come up with I tell ya. It is just totally crazy but, in the end it makes sense some how or another. And House and his grumpy sarcastic self just makes the show. I didn’t get to see any of the shows last season so, I am catching up now even though I am watching the recent ones. At least now I know what happened.

All in all it was a great day.

so, that was my Thanksgiving. Finally as the kids would say they just couldn’t wait for all the food.


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