I have been so tired lately, but, today, I laid down and took an hour and a half nap. I would’ve been asleep longer if I hadn’t of been woken up by the phone and my child shoving it in my face like it was some one really important calling me. Of course it was one of those 800 numbers, and now my lovely nap has diappeared into thin air. Poof! gone just like that.

Oh well, I have the Y program to go to in a few and I had been getting dinner fixed early and well, that is off. I don’t even remember how long it takes to make meatloaf anyway. My brain is to fuzzy for such complicated things at the moment. Hubby is going to have to take care of that.

My lovely daughter cleaned my room last night. Let me tell you it was a mess and has been for some time. Why lie about it you know. I was crawling over stuff to get into it. I got up and tripped this morning over my own foot. I look at it and think is this my room? She did a great job, but, that gave me a lot of laundry. The laundry I was in denial about. Now I have to do it because she dumped it all in front of the washer which just so happens to be in my kitchen. But, at least it is in front of me so that I have more of a chance of getting it done. She is a complainer too. What is this doing in here? Who told you you could bring cups up here? You know these need to stay down stairs there is no eating or drinking upstairs. So, here is where all the towels went. My goodness she sounded like me. And My hubby all mixed together. And my goodness if we sound like that I think I would never come out of my room. Talk about a nag. lol.

I am procrastinating again. I have to go do this workout stuff and I am just not up to it at the moment. I think I would do better if it was in the morning. This evening stuff is for the birds. And tonight is the obstical course. 10 push ups 10 crunches 10 jumping jacks. You get the picture.

I just had to stressful of a day at school. But, I did sit in on Stacey’s math class and had a great time. I even learned how to do some math and I am not joking. Seriously, math is not my best subject and they have new math out and well, let’s just say tonight I helped her with her homework and actually knew what I was doing. It was awesome. I am going back tomorrow and Stacey doesn’t mind one bit. She actually liked me being in there.

Oh man, I just got back from the YMCA program we played basketball and we won. Oh yeah. I made baskets. Oh yeah.

Anyway that was my day.

Good Night everyone!!


One Response

  1. Sounds like a good day, well except for the nap being interrupted anyway!

    Meatloaf generally takes an hour at 350 around here.

    Congrats on the baskets!!! I can’t play basketball to save my life. 😛

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