Harley – Terrific Kid Award

harley terrific kids

This shows her going oh yeah right you want me to smile? Not gonna happen. But, it did. She tried really hard to be bored with it all but, it didn’t work.


This is Harley with her Terrific Kids Award. They also get a bumper sticker, a pencil, a bookmark, and a pin that say Terrific Kids on it that entitles them to be the first in line at lunch. They all love that perk. Stacey received one as well. She wasn’t there due to a dentist appoint and didn’t feel well enough to go. But, that is my Harley. She got it for being respectful. Each month is a different letter from Terrific for example. The T is for thoughtfulness The E for Enthusiasm. And so on and so forth. But, that is my girl right there. Trying hard not to smile for the picture.


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