Snow Day!!

Well, I guess I was wrong. Stacy and I Big Stacy that is was having a conversation with the Secretary at school Miss Durrant. And well, they wanted school closed and miss Stacy said even if there was a dusting she was going to keep her kids home. Well, she got her wish we got a lot of snow dumped on us and No School. My kids got up dressed and then woke me up to take them. I asked them if it had snowed. They looked and said yes. So, on goes the tv and it is a 2 hour delay. Ha ha they should have woke me up earlier. lol. so out they go knocked out on the couch. 7:30 there is a knock on my door. I know who it is. The girl next door. Now, mind you she practically lives at my house. Not by my choice. She is alot to take and well, to tell you the truth I really don’t think her parents can deal with her. They dump her on me every chance that they get. As in I usually take them back and forth to school and when we get back there is no one there. Sometimes not for hours.

today is no exception. They sent her over and LEFT. In this weather. I ran to speedway a little later to get a pop, and took me 15 minutes when it usually takes about 2. Needless to say. School is now cancelled for the day. It is 10:00 and her parents are still not here. So, guess what that means? I am probably stuck with her until about 4. And it isn’t like they work, so, where do they go?

She comes over here and fights with my girls. She does everything she can to disrupt everything and anything that I do doesn’t mean a thing to her. I make her sit, I make her do chores. Yes, if you are at my house as much as my kids you get to clean too. She does that you aren’t my friend thing and stuff I just absolutely can’t stand. Stacey (little Stacey) is trying to watch a WAlk to Remember. And Tamera is talking and laughing so hard just to make it so that she can’t hear it that if she were mine she would have been smacked by now. Plus, she is going to wake Mikayla up and then I’ll have Holy Terror on my hands. Not a great combination. Both of them out of control. Mikayla I can handle she is mine. Plus, Ashley can get her back in a good mood. But, Tamera. I am so not answering my door or phone anymore.

So, thanks Big Stacy for wishing all this snow so that I could be stuck with that. lol

I still love you by the way.

P.S. I will be dropping her off in your front yard at a time you least expect it.


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  1. Have her do this for me. We need lots of snow up here and we want it as the Pineapple Express took it all away.

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