My long Christmas Weekend.

Well, my family came down. They never have before. My Aunt, My cousin Laurie and her hubby Mike and their 3 and 3/4 children. They are Austin 3, Autumn 2, and Ava-Lynne who is 11 months. She is also 8 months pregnant with their 4th. Then you add in my 4 plus the neighbor girl not the one with the mom who doesn’t do anything or who is extremely annoying but, the other one that is like family and I never know she is here. Her name is Asha. Then there was me and my hubby who is also Mike and a dog.

We had some good times and we had some bad times.

You see my Aunt did drugs for most of her life. She did it all weed, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, pills you name it. She has been sober for over 2 years. She is a completely different person. This new person is rather strange to me. She is for one very religious. Which is a good thing. She is clearer of mind but, very emotional. If anyone knows me they know I am one of those people that deals with stress by crackin joke after joke. And well, my Aunt’s sense of humor is Gone, Gone, Gone. It left her when the last of the drugs left her system. I actually made her cry a few times. I didn’t mean it didn’t realize that I had hurt her feelings. And i did this maybe 30-40 times a day.

But, on to other aspects, she told me so many stories of my mom and how she was when they were growing up. My mom passed away when I was 22 and even before then I didn’t really know her. That was great to hear. I have a picture of my mom standing beside some older guy never knew who he was. I found out who he was and that my mom was wearing my Aunt’s pants. Now, this was a black and white pic but, you could see the monstrosity of those pants. They looked like something Marcia brady would wear which makes sense because well, it was the early seventies when it was taken. My Aunt said, I bet you any amount of money that I was wearing this Orange hip hugger bells in that pic. She said they were her favorite pair. She was riding a bike in those pants and the legs got caught in the gears and rip them all the way up to her hip. Ok, this is the part that made her cry. I innocently said, “I bet you are glad you had underwear on right?” I get the whole speech from her about how could I talk about underwear they are to be worn not talked about that is why they are call unmentionables.
Seriously, she was supposed to laugh.

She also made her dressing while she was here and I still didn’t get to see how she made it. I cut up the celery and the onions and I still dont’ know what she does with that egg. Maybe next year.

The kids were great. I got to love all over the baby and that made my week. She is the happiest baby. You just look at her and she just explodes with her little smiles.

We read the bible story Christmas Eve night. This is a tradition for me and the girls we always do it. That made my Aunt happy. I think she thinks we are a bunch of heathens to tell you the truth. Kinda scary. Makes you take a look at yourself and say is there really something wrong with me? Do I not show that I love Jesus? I do but, she can be so critical sometimes.

But, you know the sad thing. Not really sad thing that was suppose to be a joke. I am so much like her it is just scary. I spent more time with her than I did with my mom and well, it shows. Just the things I say or some of the things I do. It all has her influence all over it. You know when you have that thing going I am never going to be like my mom. And then you do something and think oh man, it’s over I am just like her. Yeah, that! Well, I had that realization this week.

All in all, I will never forget this Christmas. We were given so much from others and it was totally unexpected. I don’t know how they knew we had a need but, what can I say Prayers were answered 10 fold. Thank you all.

Now, I must go do the dishes before the man gets home.

Ta ta folks.


2 Responses

  1. I read your blog and started to laugh, I also had a tangerine bell bottom outfit. Only mine did not get caught in the bike. I am glad you had a nice Christmas and you were blessed by others. Have a wondeful New Year always know you are loved.

  2. Your post made me laugh…… I’m usually saying things that make people look at me weird…. it always make sense to me. 😆 I pray that your Aunt and you find a peaceful ground to get along with….. I’m sure you will. Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Big hugs for you!

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