I woke up today and can barely talk…

I think it has something to do with all the singing I have been doing. From Donna Fargo, Freddie Fender, Elvis, Bon Jovi, Petra, George Jones, Alabama. I have been rocking it. My kids learned how to sing Before the last Teardrop Falls in Spanish. Now, to my dismay I am squeaking. But, yeah, it was a blast. I think I am brushing up my songs for when I go on Don’t forget the Lyrics. I can’t watch it. Did I mention that about a week before Christmas our tv tower fell, so now we can’t even get the few local channels that we used to get. Ugh!!! I really don’t watch tv but, my goodness, now I have to watch CSI on the computer and sometimes the computer get blippy and I really enjoy watching it from couch and not the computer chair. Plus, the whole being able to get on the computer thing. From Ashley and school and my husband and his game. Well, I have to get up at 5 in the moring just to be able to get an hour and a half. oh I tell ya.

Oh yeah, on a side note, I found out that my Aunt and my Mom are somehow related to Freddy Fender. I don’t know if this is true, because some of my Aunts facts get kinda messed up from fact and fiction. I am probably going to have to call my Uncle Ricky and find out. Yeah, I have an Uncle Ricky. His name is really Ricardo and he is of German Mexicali heritage. I really don’t know much about his side of the family as in his father’s side. Because well, my grandmother had him young and then married my Grandfather when Uncle Ricky was like 2. I just always assumed he was my grandfather’s. I didn’t find out until my Grandmother’s funeral that he wasn’t. I wasn’t really surprised. By this time, I was 17, and well, nothing really surprised me about my family at that time. I didn’t love my grandmother any less because of it. Actually it showed me what strength she has on having a child so young and being able to make it. At my grandmother’s funeral I hadn’t seen her for alot of years. I think the last time I visited her she was in a nursing home and I was maybe 11. I remember a really deep voice and the fact that she looked healthy. When she lived with us, she was maybe 90lbs, and very sick mentally. She died very young. she was only 56 years old. I just wish that I was able to know her when she wasn’t sick. I don’t think it fair that my Aunt wouldn’t go see her because I think she was afraid of seeing herself in her. Does that make sense? She would avoid her phone calls. It was ridiculous.
But, at her funeral, I just sat there and memorized her. She and I looked so much alike. From our fingernails to our nose, to our lips. It was uncanny. I also was very jealous of my cousin Terri (theresa), and little Ricky. They had had a relationship with her. They knew her. I really didn’t like them for about 10 minutes. But, I figured out it wasn’t their fault.

My Grandma died from Lupus well, not Lupus because no one really dies from Lupus. It attackes your organs and shuts them down. So, it was heart failure from complications from Lupus. My daughter Stacey was born on her Birthday August 7th, 1997. I didn’t realize until my Aunt told me a couple of days after she was born. I named her Stacey Lynne, and my Great Grandmother’s name was Lynn Stace, how weird is that? She thought that I had intentionally done that. Nope just a coincidence. Stacey’s name was a spur of the moment thing. She was supposedly a boy and her name was going to be Austin Michael. So, she wasn’t named until after she was a day old.

Oh my how do I go from singing to my life story??? I guess, I’ll continue more later.

Elaine, I think it is better when I borrow quizzes from you. lol.

Woundedlily, see I told you, ya makes me think!!!


3 Responses

  1. I can relate to not liking cousins because they had a relationship with your grandmother that you didn’t have…that’s me completely on both sides but I can say that it wasn’t my fault.

    Anyway, I’ll try to have a few quizzes each month for you to do 😀 and if you like them then go ahead and blog about them – hey I do. 😆

  2. Thank you, I will borrow them. Sometimes I start writing on here and go twenty different ways. I write how I talk and usually no one can keep up with me but Stacy.

  3. I can relate to not liking the cousins for the same reason. But we still don’t like our cousin….she just rubs us the wrong way, every time we are together. Kristie knew she was Grandma’s favorite and she always held that over us…

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