Been Busy

Well, been busy. No time to do much of anything. Now, our little problem we had is solved, I have time to blog.

But, what to blog about. Nothing really interesting has happened lately. I watched Season 1 of Touched by An Angel. I love that show. I cried through every one of them. I need to clean the house but, do I want to? No.

I have been thinking about JT night and day. Nothing changed there.

The kids are all doing good.

Wow, I am boring.

I have nothing prophetic or even inspiring to say, except, make every day a good day and love as though there is no tomorrow. But, I think someone else said that first.

Well, until I can come up with something interesting. Have a great day all.

One Response

  1. I didn’t realize that Touched By An Angel had come out on DVD yet. I may have to start getting that series.

    Yep, it sure has and I am working on Season 3 at the moment. lol I just love that show.

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