WooHoo The Giants WON!!!!

Ok, everyone in my house was for the Patriots. I just picked the Giants because I like to be different. The only parts I like of the SuperBowl are the National Anthem, The half time show, and the last 60 seconds.

Ok, enough celebrating.

Here on the home front, nothing really going on. I start my diet today. Me and Richard have a date in a few minutes. I really haven’t told anyone about it because well, that is how I sabatoge myself. So, they can learn about it later. lol.

Other than that nothing much going on. I have lots of laundry to do, and then there is the dishes and then there is other things that probably have to get done.

So, until next time when I have something to actually write about. I hope all of you in blog land are doing well. God Bless you and have a great and awesome day!


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  1. Mrs. Bobbie, could you do something for me? I have tagged you to list seven weird or random things about yourself, here are the rules: Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
    Post the rules on your blog.
    Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
    Tag 7 people and link to them.
    Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.
    Please? Thank you.

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