My washer broke. It won’t spin. I am really bummed about this because I only had like 3 more loads to do and the laundry would be done.

Why does it seem that when you are catching up on things, something breaks?

Just once I would like to be ahead. But, I have come to learn there is always going to be some obstacle in the way. Whether it be a broken washer or a person that won’t cooperate. That is life for ya. lol.

While the thing broke, which isn’t a really good thing. There is a simple solution. Which would be we are still paying on it and they will fix it and give me a loaner. Which they are going to between 4 and 6. I hope they come on time. So, while my laundry isn’t getting done. At least it will get done.

There is always a positive to a negative too. I have learned that also. Good thing the washer is broke so, guess what. I get to clean behind it and find all the stuff that we have lost behind there. We even found Timmy’s glasses. He won’t be happy about that but, at least he will be able to see now. Oh the treasures back there. Mikayla found one of her Dora dolls which she has been looking for. That made her happy.

So, if the washer being broke caused us to clean back there and it made a few people happy then maybe the washer breaking is a good thing after all.

Yeah, I like to ramble. People should know that about me by now. If you can make it through my rambling and understand at least half of it. Well, that is a good thing too because half the time I don’t understand myself when I talk. Much less right.

Everyone have a great day!

And if you aren’t having a great day, remember there is always a blessing in everything. Sometimes you just have to look harder than other times BUT, it is there. I promise you. I learned that from the Big Man upstairs.

Tootles everyone.


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  1. You’re right. Our attitudes change when we look for the good instead of the bad. Bad things may still happen but they aren’t as bad be cause our perspective is different.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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