Everything worked out for the best.

Well, the washer is fixed. Woohoo. They didn’t even have to switch it out. There is a filter on the front loaders that if it gets too full it flashes that code and won’t spin. So, the guy cleaned it out and Harley became 5.00 in change richer. No one else was willing to clean the stuff off. There was also a sour patch kids extra value size bag in there. Ok, so, all that was embarassing. He told me not to be embarassed because he has found way more stuff in other people’s than that. He has found clothes, a mouse, pens, just a plethera of things. So, I guess mine wasn’t so bad.

Anyway it is fixed and the laundry is done and I figured out a new system so that I don’t have baskets on the floor. Which my washer and dryer are in the kitchen so, we need space and I was tired of tripping over stuff. So, since they are front loaders and I don’t need the tops I put three tubs up there and labeled them for what is supposed to go in what. So, however has bathroom duty (it changes everyday), has to separate the clothes when they bring them down. Now Stacey thought this was going to be a problem because well, let’s face it folkd compared to everyone else she is short. So, to save a complete melt down. I got the step stool and she can use that and there is even space where she can set the basket on the dryer to sort the stuff so that she doesn’t have to keep getting up and down. This is also good for when I tell them to go start a load with they do frequently, they can just grab a basket and throw it in. Don’t have to worry about going through everything.

So, got the washer fixed and a new system in place that will hopefully work and if it doesn’t at least I can save my toes from stubbing them and tripping over everything.

So, that is a good thing.

Other things here on the home front? hmmm……

Nothing to report yesterday was a snow day, today is a delay day. Is it wrong to wish for a snow day? I secretly get really happy when school is closed. I am hoping right now that the delay goes to closed. That would be nice. Two days with the girls all home then Monday is presidents day and before that Saturday is Harley’s birthday. Which I still don’t know what we are doing about that. I am a last minute preparer of birthday’s we usually don’t invite anyone but, us in this house. So, it’ll just be us celebrating. They are getting to the age they really want to invite friends but, I don’t like sharing. I guess. Plus, then you have to deal with the are the parents going to be back in time and the whole what if the kid or kids are just crazy. I just like to keep it simple. But, anyway there you have it. Everything worked out for the best.

edited to add: school has been cancelled. yippeee!!!!


One Response

  1. So glad that you got to have another day home with your kids.
    What’s happening for Valentine’s Day?

    Nothing much. The kids are having a party. Other than that nothing. Just a regular old day.

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