I was looking at my to do list for yesterday and realized something. Most of the stuff I had to do dealt with using water. Have you ever pondered how much water we use in a day? We need it to survive obviously, our bodies need it. Although when I was drinking pop I didn’t think so. We use it for cooking and bathing and washing clothes and dishes and our children’s faces and hands when they find chocolate and try to hide eating it but, the tell tale signs are left behind. My husband is always complaining about water he thinks we use to much of it. We use it to cook and to brush our teeth. Water. hmmm…..

It is weird how it just doesn’t run out. Yes, we have droughts, but, when it rains or snows or sleets or hails, it all comes back. The dew on a spring morning that covers everything is water. You know when you go out in sandals and have to run across the yard to get the dog and your feet are wet, and you are just a little bit ticked. Mist and fog are comprised of water. Everything, you look around and there it is water.

I think I am noticing this because not only my to do list, but, because I have set a goal to drink 84 oz. of water a day. I am pretty much at that goal because that is all I do. Drink water. And I am using a 24 oz. cup so, it shouldn’t be that hard right? Wrong…. Here anymore, I just despise the stuff. Just because I set the goal and I need to follow through with it. Otherwise, I would just take the stuff for granted. Like I used to. 3.5 glasses full of water a day are just to much when you think about it. So, think about me today while I am drinking enough water to fill a baby pool.


2 Responses

  1. I almost never drink water so maybe I should start drinking more water.

  2. I had read this in the abreaveated format that comes to my Google reader. I can understand what you’re saying.

    I guess I too take it for granted, water that is. We don’t have too many problems with water here though there has been a summer or 2 that the city where I grew up had some water rationing but it only lasted about a month and then the rains came and it became a non-issue.

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