A great visit..

I had an awesome time.  My sister had alternative motives for getting me up there but, it is ok I had a blast.   I got up there about 9:30 Friday night, and I helped her unpack until about 1:30 in the morning.  She has just moved into a new apartment and when I say just, I mean just, as in Wednesday.  The next morning we got up and started visiting everyone.  I had to go to our cousin Laurie’s house and check on the kids.   The kids were so excited to see me.  Autumn kept telling everyone that Bobbie was there.  Then she would come up to me and say hey you are here.  It was so cute.    Lexi, my sister’s daughter got to play with all of her cousins and she had a total blast.    We made plans to go back over to Laurie’s for dinner, and we left to go over to my sister’s dad’s house.  He hasn’t seen Lexi yet.   This is his first grandchild.   Lexi is 16 months old and well, let’s say he was really excited. He made a scrap book for us and now I have pictures of when I was a baby until  I was about 12.  The youngest picture I have of my self is when I was maybe 17.   So that was a real treat.   We then went back over to Laurie’s and decided to spend the night over there and watch movies and play with all the baby’s.  I don’t think Laurie wanted us to leave.  We got up the next morning and got all of the kids fed, washed, and dressed and let Laurie sleep in.  Then we left to go do some of Minnie’s laundry. I tell you this was a working vacation.  I got her computer hooked up for her and then we went out to eat and I hit the road.   We had a great time.  I am so glad I got to go.  Now, I am home and rested and we are planning a huge get together in June.    We are going to have it at my house and inviting everyone.  Me, Laurie, and Minnie planned it when we spent the night. Minnie is going to bring her dad and Laurie is going to bring her mom.  I am just so exstatic about this.  Well, I’ll leave you with a few pictures of me as a baby.   I had to take them with my phone because I can’t find the cord to my scanner.   Enjoy…..


This is me at 14 months old..


Me (2) and Minnie (1 month).  This is our Christening picture.  Aren’t we just too cute?    I can finally tell Stacey who she looks like.  My goodness at that age we are totally twins.   lol.   As soon as I find that cord, I will have oodles more.   

Ta ta for now peoples. 


Yep, I am back and I had a great time.  I left Friday night.  Let’s say I had a blast.  I will update more tomorrow morning.  I have to find the scanner and scan in some pics.   But, right now, I am just going to go and totally fall into my own bed.  Tootles.


Today we straighten up a few things and then,  I pack..

Yep, you read that right. I pack.  I am getting out of dodge.  I am going to visit my sister in Toledo.   No kids no one but, me and the long dusty road.  And the radio will be mine and I am going to sing at the top of my lungs and make everyone driving next to me think I am crazy.  yep, yep, yep!!!!!

Can you tell I am excited.  I never get to do this kinda thing with no kids.   So, I am going to enjoy it and savor it and love it.  

 Hey Stacy wanna take a road trip with me?  lol.    Now, I am getting lonely.  

 Seriously, though after all the woo hooing and such.  I really don’t like to be alone.  It is ok for an hour.  But, after that I start to miss people and since that is a 2 1/2 hour drive well,  for 1 1/2 hours I will be lonely. 

See I started making sense to myself after the all the yee hawing. 

But, anyway, here is what we are planning on doing.  We are going to visit my step father, my sister’s father.   I am going to give the pack and play back to my cousin.  She left it here from when I had the kids.  She is totally exstatic to get it back.  You just wouldn’t believe the happy cry she did last night when I told her I would drop it off since I was going to be there.   Then, I am just going to hang out and not have to take care of any kids and make my sister miserable.  No just kidding.  I love her to much once in  a while to do that.  lol.

I haven’t seen her since Johnathan’s funeral.  So, this is going to be a treat.

 My only dilemna is this… Do I leave tonight?  or do I leave early in the morning.  I want to spend some good quality time up there I only have the weekend and I have to be back here by 6 on Sunday?? OH decisions, decisions, decisions.  But, anyway..

I’ll be back to blogging early monday….

 Everyone have a blessed weekend!!!!!


Well, today, we get to do the rest of the dining room.  We had a few things going on yesterday that interupted us from our cleaning, so, today we will continue where we left off.

I unfortunately didn’t get to my desk, so that is number 1 priority. 

Which means I still have a lot of filing away of stuff to do.

I still need to hang the curtains and we have to wash the sills and windows.

Then sweep and steam clean and we are done.

With that room anyway.

 Then we are heading up to my room and finishing that one.  Oh boy that will be fun.

Our laundry goal for today is:  the last 2 loads.  I think we should be able to handle that one!! Woo hoo!!!

So, if all that gets done then we will only have the bathroom tomorrow.   OH YEAH!!!  Am I happy or what???


Well, today we are working in the Dining Room. Which means I get to clean off my computer desk. Not something that I really want to do and my sewing table. Oh joy is me. So, here is the break down..

Computer Desk
Sewing table
Put away all the clothes on the clothes rack.
Ashley’s desk
file stuff that needs to be filed.
wipe the window sills
hang the curtains that I made for the windows (If I can find them)
Speaking of windows wash the windows and the sills first.
pick up the floor sweep and steam clean.
take out trash
oh yeah, forgot the china cabinet which hold no china.

(stacy you might be getting a lot of scrap booking stuff watch out girl I might have to load up a dump truck for you)

And wah la we are done with that room.

Laundry Goal for today is 7 loads.

Then we are going to spend 20 minutes in my room. Which is a pit of everything and anything. Really it is terrible and please don’t tell anyone I told you. This is our little secret so, mums the word.

Yesterday we got done with the kitchen in two hours and we got rid of a lot of stuff that was not needed or was just not used. We found new homes for things we use occasionally and I realized that I have a humongous counter. Couldn’t see that with all the stuff cluttering it. It feels good to walk in there now and not feel so claustrophobic. My husband doesn’t like to let go of things he walked in there and almost had 3 kinds of heart attacks. He kept asking where is this where is that. I just told him it was a need to know basis and he really didn’t need to know at the moment. But, Harley and Stacey are really getting in to this. They love seeing how clean and sparkly everything looks when we are done.
I am really enjoying the time with them. I am really loving the fact that since I started doing my exercises and diet that I have so much energy. I actually feel like getting up and doing stuff. So much so that I haven’t really been on the computer for a few days. And I have felt so much more awake. I used to be tired all the time and I know it was because I just didn’t do anything active. Now, I am more active and I just have more energy. Don’t know how else to put it. lol.

Hoping everyone has a great day! God Bless!!!

March 25th

Well, today I get to work in the kitchen.  Harley and Stacey and I made a schedule of what we are going to clean this week for spring cleaning.  If they help the whole week and don’t complain they get a 1/2 gallon of ice cream to share.  which is a big treat, since we don’t buy treats like that normally. I let them set which rooms, so this is their schedule that we are working. 


All dishes


cabinets take everything out wash shelves

scrub stove inside and out

refridgerator inside and out

mircrowave ~ you get the picture right? lol

sweep behind the washer, dishwasher, microwave.

Steam clean

Take out Trash

Laundry Goal:  5 loads. washed dried and put away..

Here’s hoping we can get it all done.  lol

What I learned about Harley in FAST…

I found out first and foremost, I really like her.  She has a strange but, weird sense of humor, and well, so do I.  Wonder where she got it from huh?

I must say that going into this.  I really didn’t like her.  Maybe that isn’t it.  We really didn’t get along and I didn’t understand her is probably more it.  But, I love her to pieces always have always will.  She is very moody and well, she still is but, we can talk now.  I didn’t really have that with her before.  Not that I didn’t try, but, she wasn’t willing to talk to me.  Not about anything. I’d ask how was your day?  I would get harumph from her.  Now, most days she will tell me how her day has been or she will come to me to talk to me about stuff.  It’s a great feeling.

After Johnathan passed away, I think I was to far into my grief to realize that she was grieving just as badly as I was.  When Harley loves someone she puts her whole heart into them.  And that is what she did with Johnathan.  But for a long time I didn’t care about her and how she felt because well, I was too into myself.  I couldn’t look around and see that other people were affected by this.  He was my son and well, my world revolved around that.  Not that he was also a brother and a grandson, and a nephew. 

Harley loves to shock people too.  Oh boy does she.  Big Stacy can attest to this too.  We were sitting at FAST eating dinner and one of the staff people sat down.  And I don’t even know how this conversation started.  I really don’t remember.  But, she was telling the lady that Johnathan was sitting on the window sill he is always with her.  Oh look now he is on the chair.  Well, I was in shock the lady was like oh you have a pretend brother?  Nope he isn’t pretend he is sitting right here. Ok, I couldn’t handle it I left.   Went to the bathroom and hyperventilated.  I have no idea what was said after that, but, oh boy did she get me.  This was the second week at FAST that she did this.   Ok, well, here is another one. 

We were sitting up in the bedroom talking me and little Stacey and Harley.  We were talking about Johnathan.  She said well, when the incident happened.   I said what ?? What incident?? You know that incident.  I was like, when he di… she didn’t let me get the word out.  I tried several times.  But, she said no, Johnathan is alive he isn’t dead.  So, here I am thinking that I am going to get a Bible lesson right?  Bet you all are also.. NOPE…

She said Johnathan is alive and in my room, I talk to him all the time.  When you think I am talking to myself, nope, I am not, I am talking to Johnathan, so, try not to interupt me, he might have something important to say.

I am sorry, I had to laugh.  It was funny.  And for some reason, I think she is serious.  I really don’t think she is joking.

So, goes to show you, children grieve just as hard and as long as the parents do.   Harley was really close to him and I see that now.  Didn’t want to see that then but, I see it now.

Harley is a very loving, caring person.   She is wacky and funny and loves music.  Any music.  We can jam to some Temptations or Jackson 5 together. She will listen to worship music with me.  When I have my days I want to listen to Metallica, well, she is right there with me. 

And I think alot of the reason’s we haven’t been getting along is that she is just like me.  We couldn’t be more alike it is scary.  So, maybe I just need to learn to love myself more? lol.

But, these last 8 weeks have been awesome.  I have really enjoyed them and looked forward to them.  And I am sad that they are over but, I am going to keep moving forward in our relationship and just learn more and more about her.  

Fast Graduation

We graduated from FAST Thursday which is Families and Schools Together.   I made a post about it a while back but, it is an 8 week program where you spend time as a family.  I only took Harley through this time because well, we needed that extra special time because we just weren’t where we needed to be here are a few pics from our graduation…


Harley being goofy


Ashley cheesing for the camera…


Stacey looking off into space..


Mikayla ate with her whole face as she usually does….


Mike and Timmy don’t the flowers look good on them? 


Me and Harley receiving our certificate…

It was a fun night.  Tomorrow I will blog about what I learned about Harley though out our time in FAST this time.  I would do it now but, my hubby is just biting at the bit to get on the computer…

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