Gaining 3…

Well, my cousin Laurie’s baby is in the hospital and has been for over a week. He is 3 1/2 weeks old. He started out with RSV then he got pneumonia, now he has a lung infection. So, I am gaining 3 kids. They are 15 months, almost 3 and 4. So, we are going to have a full house. That will be 7 kids. Woo hoo. The girls are excited that they are coming. They can’t wait. I can’t either but, I just don’t like the circumstances. They are going to be here tentatively for a week. After that we’ll see. I told them not to worry they can stay as long as they need me to keep them. They should be starting on the way here it takes about 3 hours usually 2 1/2 but, it will probably take them about 4 because of the little ones and potty breaks.

They are going to be testing the baby further for other things because he can’t come off of oxygen for long. I told her to have his heart tested because both myself and her brother had holes in our hearts and since he is not oxygenating his blood well, it seems to me and really I am no doc that there might be something wrong with his heart. Which she told them last night and today they are going to ultrasound his heart. It can’t hurt anything to look and since he is there already ya know. She said he is eating good which is a good thing. He is having episodes of apnea. Which when he does come home he will come home on a monitor which she is grateful for. She is really overwhelmed right now. Which I can understand. I am so glad that I can help out in some way and with them being so far away this is the only way that I can. Which is a big help now she can just concentrate on Alec. She was so afraid to ask me. I had to suggest it. She thought I would say no. Which I never would.

So, I have some cleaning and rearranging to do to fit everyone. The girls already said that they are getting this one and that one. I told them to hold on calm down. I think I am going to put them all in the same room except for the baby. She is going to go in with me and then the girls can sleep in there also if they want to. Still deciding on that one.

So, if you can say a little prayer for Alec, the doc, and mom and dad, I would appreciate it.

Now, off to get stuff done.


2 Responses

  1. If you need any help just call

    Believe me I will!!! lol

  2. I’ll be praying for you and the kids as well as your cousin. I’m glad that she has you, you’ll know a bit of what she’s going through. (((Bobbie)))

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