For Tricia….

Tricia is a mom with Cystic Fibrosis. She is waiting for a double lung transplant. Her Daughter Gwyneth Rose was born prematurely. She is currently in the nicu and you can read about them all here. Confessions of a CF husband She hasn’t been able to experience her baby the way that we have and things us moms take for granted. So here are the frustrated, special, wouldn’t trade them for anything moments I can’t wait for her to experience with her own little girl.

Her first smile

The first time you go to give her a bath and she is all clean a smelling really good and she poo’s in the tub.

Getting woke up 10 minutes after you fall asleep to a baby that decides that she is still hungry.

Forgeting where you put the remote and then later finding it in the fridge.

Not being able to find a sippy cup and little momma is thirsty right now

When little momma has chewed a hole through said sippy cup and it just drains all over the clean clothes you just put on her.

Those wonderful times diapers don’t hold anything. Or you in your sleep deprived state have put it on sideways. That is always fun.

Realizing when you wake up that you had changed the baby in the middle of the night and forgot to put the new diaper on her.

Spit up down your back and you don’t even realize it until a stranger lets you know. In the middle of a doctor’s office that it is totally running down your back.

Projectile vomiting that is always a nice thing. This is where said child spits up and it ends up on the wall across the room. Scary but, funny at the same time. Especially for dad. Boy did you see how far my kid can make that fly. lol

Not realizing she can actually roll distances and finding her in another room. (time for baby gates)

The first time she feeds herself and thinks the bowl is a hat.

The first time she says ma ma

The first step she takes.

Her first big girl puke in the car and it all runs down her carseat and you have to clean it out. And you can’t find gloves anywhere.

When she is potty training and she tells you she has to potty but, leaves out the fact she already did and there is a puddle on your living room floor.

When she cuddles in bed with you grabs you by the face and tells you she lubs do.

I can’t wait for you to experience every one of these moments and so many more because this is what it means to be a mommy…and every moment is glorious in its own special way.

My Challenge to all your blogging mommies…

If you are reading this and you are a mommy, I encourage you (for fun) to do something like this for Tricia on your blog. Tell her all the special, frustrating, wonderful moments that you hope she gets to experience just because she’s a mommy now too.


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