Well, today, we get to do the rest of the dining room.  We had a few things going on yesterday that interupted us from our cleaning, so, today we will continue where we left off.

I unfortunately didn’t get to my desk, so that is number 1 priority. 

Which means I still have a lot of filing away of stuff to do.

I still need to hang the curtains and we have to wash the sills and windows.

Then sweep and steam clean and we are done.

With that room anyway.

 Then we are heading up to my room and finishing that one.  Oh boy that will be fun.

Our laundry goal for today is:  the last 2 loads.  I think we should be able to handle that one!! Woo hoo!!!

So, if all that gets done then we will only have the bathroom tomorrow.   OH YEAH!!!  Am I happy or what???


2 Responses

  1. You’re doing really good.

    Thank You!!

  2. Gee Bobbi, You’re really knocking things out! I think I’m going to be inspired & start my spring cleaning now instead of in October!

    It feels good to get it done, and I love that the girls are helping and not complaining. That is such a big blessing you just don’t even know.

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