Nothing happening round here…

Well, nothing really happening around here. I have had a migrane for the past few days. I finally went to the hospital and they gave me a shot. I slept for about 4 hours at the hospital and then came home got the kids ready and out the door and tried to relax a little bit more but, then mikayla got up. So, in went Mulan and I relaxed some more. I am feeling so much better. I hate when I get those that bad.

In other news the girls went to go see their dad this weekend. They got to meet their new sister Emily and from what they say they really like her. They really love to play with babies. Then little missy Stacey (my daughter), told me I needed to have another baby so that they would have one at home to play with too. Ha ha I just laughed at her. What is she thinking? Girl is Crazy with a capital C.

Their dad hates taking them only because he wants to do stuff with them and right now he is broke. I always tell him they don’t want you to spend money on them they just want to spend time WITH them. Sometimes I could hit him over the head with a mallet because he just doesn’t get that. I really wish he would get it though because they get so upset when they know he is in town and that he didn’t stop to get them or even just call and say hi. He really doesn’t understand the whole quality vs quanity issue I suppose. But, I am glad they finally got to go.

Mikayla has been her usual rowdy self. I just look at her and can’t believe how much she is learning so fast. She is really smart. lol. I know I am her mom and all mom’s think that right?
But, seriously, she is.

I have a lot of cleaning and laundry to do that never stops. All that spring cleaning I did you ask? Well, when I went to Toledo, it was trashed and I really haven’t gotten over the shock yet. So, hopefully by tomorrow, I will get back on the ball. I haven’t done anything today. As far as cleaning and I am not going to. 😆

This weekend I did bake two cakes and some bagels. One cake and the bagels were from
chocolate chic

The other cake I got from

Ok, maybe there was things happenin round here lately. 😆


3 Responses

  1. Can you tell us how the cakes and bagels turned out? Maybe pictures 😕

  2. I’ve never thought about making bagels. I’m in NYC, home of bagels, but maybe I’ll try! Hopefully, the girl’s dad will get a clue. Love and time spent go a long way!
    Stay well!

  3. I’m sorry about the migraine, I hate them with a passion, they really seem to take the life out of you.

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