To day you get a to do list….

Sorry Stacy but, I really need to make one
actually it is a schedule. lol

Here it goes…

Stick in a load of laundry….
15 minutes in the kitchen…
15 minutes in the living room…..
switch laundry start another load
15 minutes in the bathroom…..
Take break for 20 minutes
15 minutes back in the kitchen….
switch laundry start another load fold what is dry…
15 minutes cleaning my desk……
15 mintes on the sewing table…..
switch laundry start a new load fold what is dry….
If everything still isn’t done….get to it. 😆

I also would like to make cinnamon rolls today compliments of Pioneer Woman They are delicious and my family eats them right up. I think they deserve a treat. I might even be able to do some pictures. We’ll see…

Especially since I am going to be working them hard today. Everyone have a great day!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. Looks like you are flying today, Bobbie. Hope you get it all done!

  2. You had a busy day and I hope that you got all of it done with help from the family of course.

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