Mikayla and her stitches….

her poor chin...

Yep, the poor baby got stitches yesterday. I got her some new crocs and she decided she was going to fall into the front porch steps. Ok, she didn’t decide. But, well, you know what I mean. lol. At first I didn’t see anything wrong. Then the blood happened, and I had to yell for my hubby. He came and got her because well, I faint when I see blood and this was no exception. I was running into the kitchen to get me a washcloth and he took it. He kept saying cold water wet it with cold water. I thought he was thinking about me. Nope he wasn’t I was thinking need cold water or I am going to bite the floor here in a minute. He took my wash cloth now, how mean was that? J/k. I finally decided to just go lay on the floor and put my cup of water on my forehead. Meanwhile in the dining room Mikayla has calmed down, she wasn’t even really crying that much. I was the big baby in all of this. I asked him if she needed stitches. He yells yeah, I think so, I see meat. Ok, I am now deciding that I am a vegetarian, meat huh? I said don’t describe it to me as I am laying on the floor legs up on the chair with my cup of ice water on my head, doing my lamaze breathing. Big breath in through my nose “I love” Big breath out through my mouth “my baby”. He gets her a bandaid, (Mikayla loves band-aid), and starts loading her into the car. Yep, you guessed it, I didn’t go anywhere near the car, just laying on the floor breathing my air.

Needless to say 2 hours and 6 stitches later they return. She did great, she didn’t move stayed calm and got 2 suckers for being such a good girl and charming the whole ER staff.

I must say a big thank you to my hubby because if he wasn’t here she would have bleed to death and I would still be passed out on the floor.

And if that doesn’t beat all. I decided after I got over all of my hyperventilating and passing out. I decided I would go cut the grass because that is what we were doing. Cutting bushes and doing yard work. I figured I would cut it and then when they came home Mike would be happy that was one less thing he had to do, Nope, I broke the lawnmower. So, I have half a lawn of cut grass the other half looks like a jungle. Oh well, at least Mikayla is ok, and the child is too proud of her stitches. She had to even show them to the girls’ dad when we went to go pick them up this morning.

So, I guess all is well now. 😆

Everyone have a fantabulous day!!

And remember, God loves you!!!


7 Responses

  1. I’m happy that she is ok, but what a funny story;)

  2. Poor baby and poor mommy! I’m so glad she is doing OK and is proud of her stitches. My daughter, Lindsay had to get 4-5 stitches in her bottom lip when she was 11 months old because she bit through it when she fell and hit her chin on the coffee table. I know how you feel, except I wasn’t even home when it happened. My DH held her in his arms while he was driving a STICK shift. Blood was everywhere! It was just awful.

    Good things kids are resilient!

  3. Bobbie, I have that vision of you in my head now. 😆

    I am glad you and Mikayla are OK!!

  4. I’m glad the two of you are doing well!

  5. Awww! I’m glad you are both ok. I’m sorry Mikayla got hurt.

  6. What a brave little girl, watch those suckers though as they’ll cause her to need a visit to the dentist. 😉

    Glad that you also survived the incident.

  7. Awww, poor little girl ❤ I’m glad she is doing well 🙂

    While I was reading, when i got to the washcloth part, I said to myself…I bet Bobbie kept the washcloth for herself…LOL!

    I had an uncle that was like you are when ever he would see blood….he was a butcher in a meatmarket…LOL!


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