March of Dimes….

I am recycling here folks. The March is coming up on May 10th and just wanted to send some more awareness out. 😆

As many of you know, Ok, everyone who reads this blog knows JT my son was born premature. 15 weeks. Prematurity is a cause close to my heart now. I have joined the ranks of many other mom’s and dad’s around the world who have had to deal with this. It isn’t fair, most of the time there is no reason for it it just happens. Many babies rally and grow and get the chance to go home and live full lives. Some with disablitlies, some with none. Some babies put up a great fight and no matter what they don’t make it. That is the harsh reality of prematurity and a reality I had to live through. March of Dimes is working to find a cure for prematurity. And I am supporting it. I will be walking in May to walk for a cure. I am asking that you help also. Whether it be to walk or to donate or to do both. It promises to be a great time for all and a great cause. All money collected goes to the local chapter to help fight prematurity.

Thanks so much for everything that all of you have done for my family. Please help other families so that they don’t have to live through what I did. JT was the most awesome special thing that ever happened to me. He gave me so much joy and my love for him just grew and grew. To this day I love him so much and always will. It nearly killed me when he went home to the Lord to play in the heavens until we meet again. That is what is keeping me going through all of this knowing that I WILL see him again. But, I want to help with this because that is the worst hurt and tragedy you could go through as a parent and I don’t want to see that happen to anyone. So, please help. Thank you.

You can donate if you wish to by clicking the March for Babies with Johnathan’s pic on the left side right there.

Also, I would like to thank the people that have already donated. Thanks so much. Every little bit helps and you are integral part in finding a cure.


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  1. I’ll have to see when the walk takes place here. I remember helping my mom go door to door to raise money for March of Dimes.

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