Today is full….

I really don’t know why I am still sitting here at the computer. I am procrastinating. I have to go shopping. I am going to do Once a Month Cooking. Or should I say I am going to do two weeks at a time. This is my first time so, wish me luck. I am not going to actually cook until Saturday. Oh my gooshness that is tomorrow. lol.. But, I am doing all my shopping today and getting stuff prepped tonight. I have already made my menu and shopping lists. Oh boy, am I stoked. I am really getting into the cooking baking thing. I never thought that I would. That just isn’t me but, I kinda like it.

Harley has an appointment at 2. She is going to get her glasses, and Mikayla has an appointment at 4 to get her stitches out. She doesn’t want them out. She likes them. Weird child….

I have already cleaned out my fridge and cleaned off my counters so that I have room to do everything. I have gotten the 1 gallon freezer bags. I just can’t wait. I have researched and researched everything looked up terms that I had no idea what they meant and gotten the most important aluminum foil. So, I am ready and geared to go. Just gotta get the food.

I have searched the adds and know where I have to go to get what. This is going to be hard for me though. I have a hard time going places. Grocery stores and shopping places being the most hard for me. I usually leave it all up to my husband but, I told him, I am going to be the wife again. He can stop. He usually does all the shopping. But, I really need to start taking charge of the house again. I think it is time. It has been practically 2 years since I have.

First I was on bedrest, then in the hospital, then JT was born and in the hospital his whole life, then he passed away then, I know matter how hard I tried could become the part of my family I was before. Which, I won’t ever be that person again, but, hey, I can be the wife again. I think Mike needs a break and be able to just be the husband. To be able to go to work, come home and supper is done and the house looks halfway decent. Because well, the whole house cleaning no matter how much I do we do live here and it is never going to be a museum. Which, I wouldn’t want it to be. I want a home where everyone feels comfortable in that they aren’t afraid to touch something. Unless of course it is mine. lol. But, I never want them to worry about what towels they can use or what furniture they can sit on. Call me a redneck, but, you live in a home not showcase it. Where is the comfort and the fuzzy warm feelings in that?

But, anyway, I hope everyone is doing well, and make it a great day!!!!


2 Responses

  1. Keep us informed as to how this goes for you. I’ve contemplated doing the Once A Month Cooking, even if I only did it for 2 weeks at a time but I’ve not been able to do it.

    I’m glad that you’ve reached a point where you feel you can pick your life back up to being the wife you want to be. I’m also glad that you’ve got a hubby who has filled in the gap and allowed you your time to grieve and hasn’t given you a bad time about it. Men like that are rare finds.


  2. Hey Bobbie, I have thought about doing that but it seems like an aweful lot of work…lol!!! I hope it went well!!

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