Just a little catch up on things around here…

Well, I was reminded that I haven’t blogged about stuff so, here I go..

I did my Once a two week cooking on Saturday. It actually went pretty well, I did lasagne, taco meat, spaghetti meat, chicken and meat for beef and noodles. It actually went pretty well, it didn’t take me all day and I had a ton of fun doing it. The only thing I found was that the ziploc bags don’t like to close if the meat is a little to hot. So, I need to let it cool down longer than what I did. But, that is the only problem that I had and that really wasn’t a problem just a learning experience. It was nice to be able to just just pull something out of the freezer and have to do minimal prep to cook it. And the hubby man didn’t have to do anything.

Side note on hubby: he is trying to quit smoking so, he is unusually grumpy. So, I am trying to keep him calm although it is proving rather hard.

We had Ashley’s birthday party. It was loud and chaotic. What isn’t at my house. She got an MP3 player and a couple of necklaces and 50.00. She bought a bathing suit with it and some more jewelry.

Stacy gave me a couch so, later that night her hubby and mine went to go get it. What an experience. The thing got stuck in the door. It was stuck for an hour. They kept trying to move it this way and that. People got stuck in the house couldn’t get out. We almost was going to leave it there. That is how frustrated we were. But, it was hilarious at the same time. Finally, Josh, one of the partygoers and who is also a friend of the family decided he was going to try out his football skills on the couch and tackled it. It took two of those and in came the couch. In one piece I might add, although my door is worse for wear. If you look at it while it is closed, because of the fabric rubbing it looks like there was a fire there.

So, it was a very full day. From once a month cooking to birthday party, to couch stuck in the door. It was a day.

Sunday was a lazy day.

Nothing going on there.

Today, I have to run March of Dimes money to bank day and get that deposited. Then up to the school and count candy money and get all of the number of prizes figured out.

I was supposed to do that yesterday but, I had a doctor’s appointment. I have to have an ultrasound the 16th. Oh boy!

No, I am not pregnant that I know of but, my uterus is measuring 11 to 12 weeks and they think I might have fibroid tumors. So, we’ll see what becomes of this. Everyone is teasing me thinking that I might be pregnant. Nope, not me. My husband was in shock when I said I have to go back and have an u/s. I just wanted to see his reaction. He stumbled for a minute then asked what for. I really couldn’t leave him like that so, I told him. lol.

Well, there is my last few days!!!

Everyone have a great day!!!


2 Responses

  1. What a weekend you had!!
    I am glad that the couch made it through the door in one piece =)

  2. I just read your response to my last blog. Thank you for letting me know you have a problem with stickability. I got a phone call from someone who read it and they were not very understanding. I’ve been real depressed for months and just haven’t done anything. I did go back on my medicine and I am beginning to feel better. I enjoyed reading about your weekend. I get real lonely since I am at home most of the time alone so I enjoyed reading about your family as well as Ginger’s.

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