Today is busy busy busy…..

Yikes, I have so much to do. I am slightly dreading it. But, it will be alright. I have to have Ashley at the dentist in a few and she is totally not wanting to go. Then drop her off at school. Then I have to go do a few things for the Granny woman. This will make my life fun. She likes to be difficult. Then I have to go to the girls’ school and do that stuff. then get all the kids home that I pick up and then it is off to Ashley’s choir performance. Then it is home to stay and watch American Idol.

I really want David Archuletta to win. He is just so cute. If I could adopt him I would. He doesn’t have a big head and he just blows me away with his singing. I think the David’s are going to be the top two. I know Syesha has stepped up her game but, well, I just don’t know. I think it will be good bye for her this week. This season has been really good. I think this is the best talent that they have ever had and well, I think a few great singers left before they should have but, that is my opinion. Don’t throw stuff at me for it. lol. I don’t know what I am going to watch on tv now. All the show’s that I watch are going to be going off. Big Brother is over, Survivor is over, next American Idol. Which is ok, because for the most part we don’t watch tv in the summer time. Too much stuff to do outdoors and while I would rather be in the Air Conditioning this summer I am going to make an effort to get out and enjoy it more with my children. I think I have found a volley ball net, and we all love to play volley ball so that is something that we can do this summer and I am thinking of having mike get a basketball net also. I love basket ball and so does Stacey. I use to play on a team that got a scholarship to go to the UT (university of Toledo) camp. It was so much fun. We were in Junior High and we all got T-shirts with our numbers and our name on the back. The front said UT and we wore those things every where. We were just so proud of them.

We are also getting bikes all of us and we are going to be riding the bicycle trails. We have them around here so why not use them right? Mikayla will probably be spending some time with Granny when we do that one. I really don’t think she is old enough to do that one.

This summer we are also going to start painting and fixing up the house. We are doing the outside first so, we are going to redo the porch and make it look nice I really want a concrete porch but, hubby says no, so, we will strip the paint and go with something natural. I really don’t like the blue gray it is.

Well, I guess I was telling you more than my day.

I also would like to ask for prayers for Jacob he is on my blog roll at the top. He is having a few problems with breathing and eating today. He has Trisomy 18. And he has been with us for 119 days. Which is awesome with a t-18 diagnosis. Check out his blog you will totally fall in love with him.

Thanks a buches!

Everyone have a great day and God Bless!!!


3 Responses

  1. It seems we are always busy running to & fro. Your day sounds like it will keep you on the run. We are doing “normal” stuff today, but still busy all day.

  2. Bobbie, I had a dream about you last night. I was reading a magazine article that said “Illustrated by Bobbie P_____” As I was reading it, I just HAPPENED to be walking past your house (LOL) so I went up to the porch and knocked on the door. You answered it and I said “congratulations on the article!” You said, “I didn’t write it, Harley did. I just did the drawings”. (I hope this next part doesn’t choke you up), but a little boy walked by with hair standing out on end, and I looked down and gave him a hug, and said, “Well, hello JT”. You were smiling from ear to ear and I gave you a big hug. You were so incredibly happy and I would move heaven and earth if I could to make you as happy as you were in my dream.

    I just wanted to share that with you.

  3. I had to visit the dentist with the kids on Monday and then again with hubby on Thursday, so what’s up so many friends visiting the dentist in the same week.

    Sounds like you and your family certainly have a busy summer planned. I need to have my family get our bikes out and cleaned up to rid this summer. We’ll have to get a bike rack though as the trails around our house have been ruined and are dangerous to ride.

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