Ode to the Kitchen Aid Mixer….

I really want a kitchen aid mixer like really bad right? Well, I do. Can you imagine the possiblilities I could do with that baby? Well, I missed a giveaway yesterday over at pioneerwoman I really love her site. Her site with a few others have taught me how to cook and bake. Plus, her stories are just so entertaining. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.

But, back to the miss. I missed out on signing up for the giveaway because I went out to eat last night with my Booster peoples which is only two peoples but, we had a great time. We sat and just talked for like an hour after the meal was done and paid for and then me and Stacy because she is one of my Booster people’s too sat in her driveway and talked about Johnathan for another long while. I got back in time to watch American Idol less the first 15 minutes. Then I went to bed. I never got on the computer to check blogs like I usually do before I go to bed. And of course. The kitchen Aid mixer. Not like I would win of course but, hey I can dream and I can’t even do that now. lol

But, there is always hope. Hope that my husband will hear my pleas. My pleas to please buy me a kitchen aid. That it would be in the best interest of his tummy if he got me that one thing. My birthday is coming up on the 23rd. So, there is hope.

There is always hope. Even if things don’t seem like they are going the way YOU or I think they should. There is always hope. You might need to just look a little deeper and move a few things over and kick something out of the way but, hope is always there. And if it is not for me to have one then it isn’t for me to have one. Which is ok with me because I have all that I need when I need it. Funny how that works out isn’t it?

Stacy and I were talking last night and we were talking about needs and wants and so forth. Things you think you need you really don’t because God provides what we need when we need it. Not want it. You know. It may take after the fact for any of us to figure it out but, He provides.

While I may think I NEED a kitchen aid mixer, it is just a WANT. I do have a hand held and while it won’t make those stiff peaks for egg whites that I WANT to do. It is ok, because we can do with out that.

So, here’s to hoping that next time Miss Ree
has a giveaway, that I at least get the chance to enter. 😆

And a big shout out to the Big Man, who provides for me and blesses me with all that I have each and every day! Thank You!!!!!


4 Responses

  1. That would be a nice birthday gift! Have you been hinting hard enough! 🙂

    I am thinking about you lots and praying for you Bobbie. (((HUGS)))

  2. Hope it appears for your birthday! I have been wanting one in red for the longest!

    I want red too. Sorry CC but, red is my color!! 😆

  3. Yep, a KA mixer is a great thing in a kitchen. I love having mine even though I don’t use it to it’s fullest capability.

  4. I love my KA and want a Bosch LOL

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