May 17th con…..

We had a great day today!!! The dance was great the kids all did awesome. I am so proud of all of them. We went to the cemetary and released the balloons at 5:15. Mike got there with the balloons with just a few seconds to spare. It was fun. I loved it and so did everyone else. Here are a few pics to share our day.

Here they all are with their instructor, Mark.

Doing their thing....

Waiting to go on

This is hitting my poor Harley so bad. She was in tears. She just wanted to lay down with him and sleep she said. But, she is doing better since she came home. She isn’t isolating herself like I thought she would. Which is one of the things that I have to look out for with her. So, I am thankful for that.

Sorry about the picture overload. I have a lot more. 😆 but, I think you all will enjoy these ones.

Now, off to watch that movie…..


3 Responses

  1. What a precious day of remembrance you shared with your family. JT will be missed every day, but you have honored him & shared your love. Thanks for sharing your sweet baby & the journey you walked with him. (((Bobbie)))

  2. Bobbie, WHERE YA BEEN, friend??? I miss you!!!!!!

  3. Bobbie…I know I am late on this…..but looking at those pictures brought back so many memories of being in the chapel and at the gravesite. The kids and I were looking and they didn’t realize at first what they were seeing. We sat and talked and what we talked about wasn’t JT’s death…but his life. They remember sitting here around the computer as we read aloud the Caring Bridge entries. The time we spent praying for JT and the entire family. It wasn’t his death we remembered but his life……the joy he brought to so many, the hearts and lives his story touched. Just think of the rewards his little life earned by being here for the short time God allowed JT to be with everyone.

    I know you are all still in pain and miss him…..His life and legacy still live on……

    My love to all of you……..

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