Prayer requests (urgent)

I have a few prayer requests today.

Faith Ann Webb is entering this earth today. She is a baby with the diagnosis of T-18. Pray that the family is supported and loved during this time. While we don’t know how long she has pray that every second that she has on this earth is filled with nothing but, the purest love. Pray for her mother father and sisters. Please. Thank you so much.

Also, Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter was killed yesterday. Her older brother didn’t see her and hit her with his car. She was their youngest. Please pray from them in the face of this tragedy.

As for me I am doing good. I just have been trying to stay off the computer so much and doing stuff. Meaningless stuff but, stuff none the less. Thanks for asking Tamara.

The girls graduated and I have pics but, well, wordpress is not working with me in that department. Their dad made it and had us laughing hysterically because he is just too funny. Stacy felt funny and awkward because she sat between us and she got to hear about all the cars I damaged during out relationship. He tries to tear me down but, it just ended up being funny. But, I made it through with him there. It felt weird having to share that with him because well, he hasn’t been there to do that, and even though I build him up to the kids I just can’t stand him. Hey, I am being honest here. He has never been there to share in anything with them. Not even doctor’s appointments nothing. The girls were exstatic that he was there. And they are the ones that matter not me. Jiminy the things I do for them. lol. They love their dad even if that makes me jealous, I am glad that they do. Yep, jealous is what I am and I am not afraid to admit it because it is the truth. I get jealous because he only had to have the name daddy for them to love him and it feels like I have to do all the work. And I get the attitudes and the whining and the crying and the well, I guess the joys of mother hood that I just couldn’t live with out.

I have loved them, disciplined them, shared all these experiences with them, I guess since he wants to be involved I am letting him be. I won’t and would never think of hindering that relationsship. That is not my place. Although secretly I wish I was that kind of person. I just want to keep them to myself. But, I won’t.

Well, enough whinning for one day. Hopefully the picture thing starts working and I can get those pics up.

Have a great day!!


4 Responses

  1. I’m glad you’re back!!!! 🙂

  2. Saying prayers for all. So much tragedy. Congrats on the graduation!

  3. Dear Friend….I understand how you feel about being jealous of the girls loving Daddy. The sacrifices you have made and the love you have shown has not gone unrecognized. You will not see the validation of your mothering until they have grown and left home probably. It may come sooner but it will probably be later. When they are in a bind or having difficulties in their life it won’t be dad that they turn to. It will be the women who stood with them through all the tears and all the joy. What you are feeling is natural. Look it in the face, say hello to it and let it know it isn’t going to control you or make you feel any less then the wonderful, caring, giving, loving had your back covered Mother. With girls, no matter what you do…there is a pull for dads. They will one day step up and say thank you….Mom you were the best.

    I think you are the greatest myself. Hey I’ve met you…so I may be a little biased….. 🙂

    Hugs my friend…….

  4. Ginger nailed it on the head with exactly what I was going to post!!

    So instead I’ll just offer some (((((Bobbie)))))

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