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Well, I hope everyone is doing great and fantabulous. We switched rooms around here all weekend. I now have a sewing room. I love it. It is all mine. No one elses and the kids can’t mess up my stuff that I have laid out anymore. How cool is that? I am really excited. I just need to find a good chair because I usually use the computer chair so, hopefully soon I will get one until then I am going to use one of the kitchen chairs.

Here is a list of my projects that I am going to be working on.

3 dresses for Mikayla ( I just got some really cool patterns and I can’t wait to try them out)

Curtains for the kitchen.
Redo the couch cushions.
A couple of quilts. I have 3 in the process but, not that I can lay everything out and it not be disturbed then it will go faster.

Curtains for Stacey’s room. (she has already picked out the fabric just gotta sew it).
A couple of pillows for Mikayla. Granny gave her some fabric and told her to have me sew some for her. I am going to do that first because it is the easiest of them all well, besides the curtains.

What I want to make (wish list)

Some skirts for Stacey, (I haven’t found a good pattern yet that I like)
Pajama pants for me and Mike and the girls. (got the pattern but, for some reason it is puzzling me)
Bibs for the NICU
I want to design a sleeper for babies in the Nicu. Something that has openings and parents and caregivers, so that things like central lines ivs, and catheters and ostomy bags and such would be more assessible without having to undress the baby and thus making baby more comfortable. I have some preliminary designs but, I am going to have to figure some other things out on it.

So, do you sew, knit, crotchet, have another crafty hobby? Share it with us. Let us know what you are working on what your wish list is etc. I love hearing about others crafts.

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  1. Hi Bobbie. I have made more pillows than I care to count. I used to make one for each overnight guest (1st time they came), but that got to be too much work and time consuming. I still do it sometimes, but not always.

    I made curtains for Steph’s room. Easy Peasy.

    For Christmas 2006, I made pajama pants for all 4 of my kids plus all my nieces and nephews. That was time consuming, but easy.

    I made a cushion for a bench connected to our fireplace. I really love that.

    When the kids were little, I made their clothes (girls) and some shorts for Jeff. I’ve made several dresses for Madison.

    When I was pregnant w/Lindsay, I made all my own maternity clothes.

    I love to sew and would love to have my own sewing room. That would be awesome! I hope you enjoy yours and get a lot of neat projects going. The outfits for the babies in the NICU sounds like a wonderful idea. You are soooooooo sweet!

  2. Oooooh how wonderful! Post some pictures of your sewing room when you get a chance! I have a beautiful sewing room as well, which I only have to sacrifice when we have guests since it’s also the guest room…. at least until we have another baby.

  3. oooOOOooo, a sewing room. I would like a sewing room…..except I don’t sew. Any room that is exclusively your own is a beautiful thing! Enjoy, Bobbie!!

  4. I’d love to have a sewing/craft room. I taught myself to sew when K1 was about 4, my first project was a Daisy Kingdom dress….really too much to learn on! I haven’t been sewing in a LONG time because everytime I get in the middle of a project, with my stuff spread out everywhere it is time to clean up for a meal, or put it away to do something else. I also like to stamp cards, but haven’t done much of that either….it is more fun to project with a friend!

  5. Your own sewing room sounds fab! I have not sewed in a long time, but maybe I’ll start again! Would love to help you with some of the Bibs!

  6. How wonderful to have your own room!!
    I just finished a project for the girls and the living room and kitchen table was a mess until it was done. It will be so nice for you to just leave the project where you left it and come back to later.
    Have fun.

  7. that all sounds great….including the part about not having to put the sewing away! 🙂 that is what I struggle with….the set up and take down…especially when I am not finished with the project! I love to sew and crochet and knit. I really like to do something with my hands. I am working on a “busywork” project right now that is using some extra yarn up. I saw this pattern for a knitted throw blanket with stripes in pattern like a patchwork quilt. I plan on sewing clothes for the girls and myself this summer now that school is over!!! 🙂

  8. I would love to have a craft room, I crochet mainly but dabble in other crafts, where I could leave things out and have things organized so that I would easily be able to find thins.

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