I’ve been tagged…..

Ok, I have been tagged by Warren’s Wife I love doing these things too. But, this one you have to remember a lot of stuff so, let’s see if I can do this.

four things I was doing 10 years ago….

1. I was probably wishing for a nap. I have 3 children: Ashley 4, Harley 2, Stacey 9 months.

2. I was working at KTH and Norwest.

3. I was going to school for nursing. That I might add I faint when I see blood, so, what was I thinking???

4. I was trying to get out of a relationship with the girls’ dad. He was very abusive at this time.

Four things I was doing 5 years ago…..

1. I had just started dating my now husband. And I had met his son. I was really having a hard time with could I take care of and love someone else’s child the way I love and take care of mine. But, we all know that worked out in the end right? I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

2. I was working at Big Bear and had just started back to school. I was also working as a homecare provider for MR/DD. One of my most rewarding jobs I might add. I loved working with my dude. Well, he was 16 when I started working with him. And a big plus, I could take the girls to work with me so, that I could see them once in a while. It felt like I never seen them.

3. I also probably called my sister as today is her Birthday. (Happy Birthday Minnie, she is 31)
I bet she absolutely loved me telling you her age. lol

4. We were get to the one year anniversary mark of my mom’s death.

four things I am doing this year….

1. I really have no idea what I am doing this year. One that I know of is sewing more, since I have that fabulous sewing room now. I still have a lot to organize in it.

2. Still battling through grief. It is getting better though I have more happy days than sad. But, I dont’ want all the grief to go away. I don’t want to ever forget. That may not make sense to some but, to some it will.

3. I am planting a garden so, yeah, let’s hope something grows. lol

4. I am trying to grow more in my walk with God. Reading my bible more. doing devotions more, praying for others, etc…

four things I did yesterday….

1. Cleaned and decluttered the kitchen, and dining room.

2. Sat outside and watched Mikayla play with Precious ( our beagle). It was so funny. We had an old mop and precious kept stealing it from Mikayla and making her try to catch it.

3. Read a Narnia book just because I felt like it. I love to read and well, I needed a relaxing thing to do after all that cleaning.

4. Gave the dirt monster a shower and a soak. She was filthy. Her feet were green from running through the cut grass plus she found some dirt to play in. She was not at all happy about the shower but, she got over it when I filled the tub and let her play for a long while.

four shows I like…

1. All the CSI’s. I just like the mystery and the solving of things. I can usually guess by middle who it is.

2. American Idol. We love music. just about any kind. We aren’t prejudice except for that nasty icky rap stuff. lol

3. Bones. Same reason as for the CSI’s

4. House. I just know there is some empathy in that man somewhere and can’t wait until someone finds it.

four biggest joys of the moment…

1. My God

2. My husband. He loves me.

3. My children all of them. Ashley, Harley, Stacey, Timmy, Mikayla, Page, Asha, Brittney, etcc…

4. My best friend.

5. My “Home”

Ok, Now I am supposed to tag 4 people. But, I got to looking and I think everyone that I know has been tagged. So, I am going to do it this way. If you are reading this and haven’t been tagged and want to be do this go ahead and do it. Let me know so that I can read too. lol.

Have a great day!!!!


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