A break from our reguarly scheduled program….

Stacy’s Aunt took these pictures last week. She has some visitors in her yard. Check em out.

Taking a break

You’ve heard of old blue eyes? Well, this is bella blue eyes AKA Mikayla. I am taking a 5 day computer break. I might be reading e-mail, just not sure yet. So, if ya miss me just send me a line. lol. I have just realized that I have been spending way to much time on this computer. I get like that do something and then don’t do nothing else. I wish I could do that with cleaning. he he. But, I am going to spend time with my girls and get this house more organized.

We went to a farm yesterday. I believe it is called Marmon Valley Farms. We seen all kinds of animals. And the kids played on the big playground. They even got to ride a horse. It was so much fun. Hot, but, tons of fun. I would do it again.

See you all soon!!!!

What a day this has been already…….

Oh boy, I started off today rather, late. I am usually up before the sun even thinks of coming up. This morning I didn’t roll out of bed until 8:59. I thought it was weird Mikayla was waking me up. That hardly ever happens unless she has woken up in the middle of the night because she has had a bad dream and even then she usually just crawls in bed with me and falls asleep and I find her when i wake up.

We woke up to no breakfast food, so, we had to make a run to the store which in normal circumstances wouldn’t be so bad, but, while there, we managed to break a bottle of taco sauce. Glass everywhere and it looked like a massacre in there. I tried to help clean it up but, they wouldn’t let me. Then I had forgotten lettuce and I had Stacey run to get it. Did I bother to look when she brought it back?? Nope, we get home and it is cabbage, I called and they said they would take it back and I could exchange it. So, back into that death trap my hubby calls a truck. Really it should be condemned. He is using the car for work because it is better on gas and since I barely go anywhere except where I have to go which is no where really, then I use the truck. Back to the store to exchange it. We are exchanging it and the lady who, I know, I used to work at Kroger tells me to stay away from the taco aisle. Ha ha funny. Which it would have been if it would have been said next week. Today, it really wasn’t funny. I could still smell it. Needless to say there is going to be no taco sauce on our tacos tonight.

Back into the death trap we go to go home. We get home and I go to make a bowl of cereal, yes, people we eat cereal in the mornings. I don’t do 3 course breakfast’s nothing from scratch, straight out of the bag. Guess what??? The milk is frozen. Hubby decided that the fridge wasn’t getting cold enough and instead of turning the knob a little bit, he really turned it. So, now 99.99999% of our stuff is frozen. I have turned the knob up down, I get confused. I put it back on 5 instead of 8 in hopes that maybe just maybe the stuff will unthaw and be ok.

So, yep, you guessed it, back to the store. We also picked up syrup because my kids are too good to use butter and sugar on their in a box toaster waffles. Which was our back up plan but, alas no syrup. So, me and that store have seen more of each other today then we have in the last year. I am not going back, I refuse. This happens again we will just have dinner or lunch for breakfast. Or popsicicles, or ice cream or something.

I still have to take Harley to counseling. Which means I have to drag the two short grumpy ones with me, they are totally not in a good mood. All courtesy of me. Which is not going to be good because of all the sitting that has to be done there. And grumpy kids don’t like to sit.

But, this is my life, and I love it. The good, the bad, the ugly. God gave it to me and I will live it with everything I got and be happy that this is mine and no one else would appreciate it as I do.

Oh Crud, I forgot to let the dog out.

See ya!!

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Oh Joy….. (sarcasm here)

I had a really great weekend. Spent time with the hubby just like I wanted to. It was nice. We worked in the backyard and planned our garden for next year. We are on the same page with that so that is always nice. All the girls were here Saturday and we had a really big cook out with some really big attitudes. But, nothing that isn’t normal so, no big deal.

This whole staying with their dad is really getting to me. I didn’t think it would so bad but, it is. Harley is actually more loving and more hmmm this is going to sound bad, but, more fun to be around. Her feelings still get hurt easily but, I am able to work around that. Ashley is just full of attitude though. She thought and thought is the operative word here that she could just come over here and do whatever she wanted to. I am having a hard time corraling that because she has absolutely no respect for me anymore. I don’t know what she thinks. If she likes me her dad won’t like her? I just don’t know. Is she mad at me for something? Or, is this just normal teenage stuff? I would really like to beat the attitude out of her but, I don’t beat my children so, that really isn’t an option. lol.

Stacey stays with me and just visits her dad once in a while. When she feels like it or he asks that she come over for something. I leave it entirely up to her because well, it’s her decision and I am not going to force her to go over. There have been a lot of problems over there when she is over there and the other two torment her and their dad practically lets them. You see his feelings are hurt because she doesn’t want to be over there all the time. So, he kinda takes it out on her too. It’s not pretty and Stacey is my drama queen she can’t just let it roll off. Not that she should but, she totally comes back and is depressed for a while. Which I can’t blame her. She thinks her dad doesn’t love her and I told her that isn’t true, but, when you see what you see and feel what you feel I can’t tell her that her emotions are not hers just gotta help her work through them. I really need to have a “talk” with their dad. He always calls me telling me, we need to talk and talking about something that I already knew about and he would know about if he was in their life. But, all the teasing that goes on over there and the sarcastic comments that he makes to her and the comments his girlfriend makes to them about me is going to stop. This is not the environment that I want them to live in. I don’t do that over here. I would never do that. So, I don’t expect him to do it either.

Well, this is getting long. I need to break off here. I have laundry waiting to be hung out and if I don’t get it soon that incessent beeping of the wash machine is going to make me go mad.

See you all soon….

I borrowed this from Elaine

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I totally and utterly can not believe these results. I must be answering these questions wrong. lol

I borrowed this from Applie.


As a 1930s wife, I am
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I can't believe I am superior, I figured it would say something like Oh my!!! are you a man? lol.

Happy Daddy’s Day!!! Edited to add Poem….

To the Daddy Man, who works his hinney off and comes home to work it off some more. Who loves us even on our most grumpiest days.

Who isn’t afraid to show his feminine side in this house full of girls.

Who misses his baby boy everyday!

We love you Daddy Man and are going to make today and everyday a special Daddy Man day!!!!

Calling Daddy From Heaven

I’m calling you, Daddy, from Heaven
Because we are apart,
But the phone won’t ring on earth today;
In heaven we call heart to heart.

I just want to say, “I love you,”
And I think of you each day.
I hear you say you love me
Each time you kneel to pray.

Sometimes I watch you working
At a job you do so well.
I tell all my friends in Heaven,
“That’s my daddy, and ain’t he swell!”

I’m working on a project
To send you as a gift,
And when you finally see it,
Your spirits will really lift.

I’m painting lots of colors
All across the sky,
And after rain you’ll see them
And know we never die.

I’ll also paint some flowers
And send them down to you.
They’ll look so fresh and pretty
In the early morning dew.

But best of all, I’ll take some notes
Of all the things I love,
So you can read my journals
When you meet me here above.

Your name will cover pages
Of my moments to be shared;
You’ll see how much you’ve meant to me
And how very much I cared.

Then, I’ll have story time with Jesus
And he’ll tell me stories of you.
I’ll listen with a smile
Of all the things you do.

He’ll tell me of your kindness
And the smile upon your face,
The way you make the world
A really nicer place.

Of all the things I ever do,
This will be the best;
I’ll ask the Lord to Bless you,
My very own request.

And tonight when you are resting
From the day you’ve spent so well,
I’ll whisper in your ears
All I have to tell.

And as I hold you through the night,
This is what I’ll say,
“I’m proud to call you Daddy
on this special Father’s Day.”

Your Son Johnathan JT Thomas Michael Poling

Author Unknown