Trying to work something out…

I have been thinking of starting a group to make quilts for the NICU. I have been thinking of doing this for well over a year. I am having a horrible time coming up with names for the group.

I would like to include in the name JT or Johnathan and something about the Nicu or preemies. I am going to start a yahoo group for this endeavor and also probably another blog to include pics of the quilts once they are made. (I’m gonna have to have to beg Stacy to take pics for me, I am sure she will). If you would like to join the group let me know that would be awesome also. Just send me a message or comment and I will send you an invite.

I have been really trying to figure out something meaningful to do in JT’s name. Something that NICU parents would appreciate and would feel just an extra bit of love from and I have been praying about it and this is what seems to keep popping up in my head.

I am still working on the design for the sleeper. It is coming along pretty well, I am just hitting a few snags as to the size of the openings and such and a way to fasten it so that when babies are positioned it doesn’t make them uncomfortable because when they are that little thier skin is so fraigile.

If you could help coming up for a name that would be great. I will take all the suggestions and make a poll. That would be so fun won’t it? Except everyone from DY knows that I am not good with polls. That was CC’s job. Oh do I miss those polls. Some were silly some were thought provoking but, it was so much fun to see everyday what they would be.

Well, that is all for today.

Please also, keep Baby Jacob’s family in your prayers. I miss that little guy so much and I have never even met him. Just goes to show you the power of the blog.


4 Responses

  1. of course I will take the pictures…..

    Now for a name, lets see, how about “JT’s memory quilts” or how about ” JT’s quilting for premies group”

  2. Sounds like a great ideal. I’m not a quilter but would love to help out! How about JT’s Quilts of Love?

  3. I love this idea, Bobbie! And I would be thrilled to participate.
    For a name…how about JT’s Blankets for Babies…and maybe offer other kinds of quilts or blankets. I know we have some crocheting & knitting friends.

    That is a great Idea!!!! I am going to give this a few more days and see what other names I get and then we can vote. Then I will send who ever wants an invite to the group with all the particulars.

  4. I know I already commented but I realy like the name “JT’s blankets of love”

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