This is what everyone has came up with….

These are the ones that I have received. Beth made an awesome point about opening it up for crotcheters and knitters also.

Let me know what name you like the best and we’ll go from there. And if you still have suggestions that would be awesome.

Thanks so much for all your help!

Jonathan’s Clouds

Preemie Pillows

JT’s Quilts

Peace Blankets in memory of JT

JT’s Tiny Taggies

JT”s Tiny Treasures

JT’s Little Lovies

Johnathan’s Quilted Cozies

JT’s Preemie Projects

JT’s Caring Quilts

JT’s Tiny Quilts of Caring

JT’s Quilts of Love?

JT’s Blankets for Babies

JT’s blankets of love


6 Responses

  1. I vote for……”JT’s blankets of love”

  2. I like JT’s Tiny Treasures. 🙂

  3. I say we use …… JT’s tiny treasures of love

  4. Are we using our Barry White voice when we say Looovvvveee?? 😆

  5. I like JT’s Tiny Treasures

  6. Jonathan’s Clouds


    JT’s Little Lovies

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