Relay for Life….

Yesterday, we went to Relay for Life to fight Cancer. We had a really great time. This event lasts all night and a lot of people camp out to walk and walk and raise money for Cancer Research.

The hightlight so far of the night was the “ladies”. They were given 30 minutes to run around and collect money. But, these weren’t your average everyday “ladies”. These were men, dressed as ladies. My goodness, some of them were some really ugly ladies. I mean ugly. Some were actually a little cute. I know one of them had a dress I would have just loved to have worn if I was like 500lbs slimmer. And he looked really good in it too. He he. Then there was a father son team. One was Daisy Duke the other one I didn’t catch the name. But, Bubbles the reigning champ for the past 4 years I think raised 849.00 in 30 minutes. How unbelieveablely cool is that? I say you go girl… um dude!!!!!

Here are a few pictures I borrowed from Stacy’s mom. lol

Me and Stacy. I had to wear a hat I didn’t want my face to burn. There was absolutely no shade out there and about 900 degrees.

Me and Stacy doing what we are supposed to be doing walking

Smash Cancer. 3.00 got you 3 hits with a sledgehammer. And oh man did it look fun.

Some of the star “ladies” of the night.

The star “lady” Miss Bubbles. She raised lots of money in 30 minutes. Go Bubbles!!!!


3 Responses

  1. It sounds like great fun for a great cause.
    Miss Bubbles looks hilarious!
    You are beautiful, Bobbie. You have a great smile!

  2. Sometimes the only response, is laughter. I’m glad you had such a good time.

  3. The kids and I did RFL for the first time this year. We lasted until 10 pm. But considering Baby Gurl is only 6, I think we did pretty good.

    Next year, we hope to aim for 11 pm.

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