JT’s Treasures of Love…

This is the name that we came up with. Thanks for all the help everyone. It seems so fitting. I remember being in the NICU and it would be like finding a little treasure when I came in and someone had donated a blanket, or a hat, or toy to the babies. I chose blankets because well, they fill you with warmth. I wanted the babies to get something that would be able to remain with them that they would be able to use. And a blanket would get so much use up in the NICU. I know from a parent’s perspective that they will be appreciated. So, I have started the group. I still have to upload the files for the particulars but, it is up and running and accepting members. Here is the link: JT’s Treasures of Love If you would like to join you are not held to anything. If you would like to make 1 blanket that is fine if you would like to make 40 that is wonderful. 😆 If you would like to donate materials that is awesome. Blankets can be quilted, tied, knitted, crocheted. They just can not be store bought. So, come join us and help us make the babies in the NICU some warm treasures of love.

Thanks you all you rock!


6 Responses

  1. Wonderful name! It does honor to JT”s name! Heading over to the site now!

  2. What an awesome idea!

  3. Bobbie, I have a bunch of tied blankets from my MOPS group that the Clinic is giving me a hard time over donating perhaps I will just send them down to you instead, they are just like the one we sent you for JT. What do you think?

    That would be awesome!!! When I spoke to the NICU about donating blankets they were so excited about it. But, yes, that would be great! Thanks a bunches.

  4. I love the name for the group. I will be joining, but right now I don’t have time to break out the sewing machine! Next week is VBS and I am helping out with crafts for the 2nd grade. Should be an exciting week!

  5. Bobbie,
    I joined. I haven’t done blankets before but I do hats right now for my friend who is a nurse in the NICU. I love doing it. I’ll post some pictures of the hats I have sent before. My little one was in the hospital at 2 months old over Christmas with RSV. Someone made a sweater set with hat a booties that touched me to no end. I also lost my first baby and had to deliver him in a regular unit with other live babies. I kept his blanket and little hat as a treasure. I do it for my little son and to honor these precious gifts that sometimes God only gives us for a little while.

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