Happy Daddy’s Day!!! Edited to add Poem….

To the Daddy Man, who works his hinney off and comes home to work it off some more. Who loves us even on our most grumpiest days.

Who isn’t afraid to show his feminine side in this house full of girls.

Who misses his baby boy everyday!

We love you Daddy Man and are going to make today and everyday a special Daddy Man day!!!!

Calling Daddy From Heaven

I’m calling you, Daddy, from Heaven
Because we are apart,
But the phone won’t ring on earth today;
In heaven we call heart to heart.

I just want to say, “I love you,”
And I think of you each day.
I hear you say you love me
Each time you kneel to pray.

Sometimes I watch you working
At a job you do so well.
I tell all my friends in Heaven,
“That’s my daddy, and ain’t he swell!”

I’m working on a project
To send you as a gift,
And when you finally see it,
Your spirits will really lift.

I’m painting lots of colors
All across the sky,
And after rain you’ll see them
And know we never die.

I’ll also paint some flowers
And send them down to you.
They’ll look so fresh and pretty
In the early morning dew.

But best of all, I’ll take some notes
Of all the things I love,
So you can read my journals
When you meet me here above.

Your name will cover pages
Of my moments to be shared;
You’ll see how much you’ve meant to me
And how very much I cared.

Then, I’ll have story time with Jesus
And he’ll tell me stories of you.
I’ll listen with a smile
Of all the things you do.

He’ll tell me of your kindness
And the smile upon your face,
The way you make the world
A really nicer place.

Of all the things I ever do,
This will be the best;
I’ll ask the Lord to Bless you,
My very own request.

And tonight when you are resting
From the day you’ve spent so well,
I’ll whisper in your ears
All I have to tell.

And as I hold you through the night,
This is what I’ll say,
“I’m proud to call you Daddy
on this special Father’s Day.”

Your Son Johnathan JT Thomas Michael Poling

Author Unknown


2 Responses

  1. What a beautiful poem.

  2. I enjoyed the poem. Did you share it with your hubby?

    Yes, I did and he thought it was really beautiful

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