What a day this has been already…….

Oh boy, I started off today rather, late. I am usually up before the sun even thinks of coming up. This morning I didn’t roll out of bed until 8:59. I thought it was weird Mikayla was waking me up. That hardly ever happens unless she has woken up in the middle of the night because she has had a bad dream and even then she usually just crawls in bed with me and falls asleep and I find her when i wake up.

We woke up to no breakfast food, so, we had to make a run to the store which in normal circumstances wouldn’t be so bad, but, while there, we managed to break a bottle of taco sauce. Glass everywhere and it looked like a massacre in there. I tried to help clean it up but, they wouldn’t let me. Then I had forgotten lettuce and I had Stacey run to get it. Did I bother to look when she brought it back?? Nope, we get home and it is cabbage, I called and they said they would take it back and I could exchange it. So, back into that death trap my hubby calls a truck. Really it should be condemned. He is using the car for work because it is better on gas and since I barely go anywhere except where I have to go which is no where really, then I use the truck. Back to the store to exchange it. We are exchanging it and the lady who, I know, I used to work at Kroger tells me to stay away from the taco aisle. Ha ha funny. Which it would have been if it would have been said next week. Today, it really wasn’t funny. I could still smell it. Needless to say there is going to be no taco sauce on our tacos tonight.

Back into the death trap we go to go home. We get home and I go to make a bowl of cereal, yes, people we eat cereal in the mornings. I don’t do 3 course breakfast’s nothing from scratch, straight out of the bag. Guess what??? The milk is frozen. Hubby decided that the fridge wasn’t getting cold enough and instead of turning the knob a little bit, he really turned it. So, now 99.99999% of our stuff is frozen. I have turned the knob up down, I get confused. I put it back on 5 instead of 8 in hopes that maybe just maybe the stuff will unthaw and be ok.

So, yep, you guessed it, back to the store. We also picked up syrup because my kids are too good to use butter and sugar on their in a box toaster waffles. Which was our back up plan but, alas no syrup. So, me and that store have seen more of each other today then we have in the last year. I am not going back, I refuse. This happens again we will just have dinner or lunch for breakfast. Or popsicicles, or ice cream or something.

I still have to take Harley to counseling. Which means I have to drag the two short grumpy ones with me, they are totally not in a good mood. All courtesy of me. Which is not going to be good because of all the sitting that has to be done there. And grumpy kids don’t like to sit.

But, this is my life, and I love it. The good, the bad, the ugly. God gave it to me and I will live it with everything I got and be happy that this is mine and no one else would appreciate it as I do.

Oh Crud, I forgot to let the dog out.

See ya!!

Double edit 1st edit: I added this as a page and not a post
2nd edit I deleted the post and not the page.
Let’s see if this works this time.


3 Responses

  1. These are the kind of days you just want to go back to bed for, huh?

    Praying the doctors appointment goes well and the rest of the day goes smoothly .

    I hope the dog didn’t have an accident. It could be worse — my cats went without food for 24 hrs because I was sicker than a dog (I’ll blog about it).

    (((huge hugs)))

  2. Oh my!

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow! 🙂

  3. What a day you are having! I pray it gets better. (((Bobbie)))

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