Dealing with the man!

It is so very weird having hubby home, just to reiterate what I said in the last post. Our whole marriage together and before was him always working. The man has the best work ethic of anyone I know. He never took vacations. I can count on 1 hand the days that he took off because he “had” to not because he wanted to.

I have a routine, every morning is usually the same for me. I get up, do some dishes throw in some laundry, spend a few ok, more than a few minutes on the computer, when the washer goes off switch the laundry, clean the counters in the kitchen sweep, come spend some more time on the computer, listen for the buzzer on the dryer, get that out. Notice there is no folding, I don’t see the point until I have 5 baskets full. I am really trying to get out of that habit but, it is hard. Straighten the living room. Then about that time Miss Mikayla wakes up. I get up really early just so that I can have this time to myself. Because I feel if I didn’t I would go a little nutty.

Well, since the man has not had a job for the past 9 days, which really isn’t a long time considering the fact that jobs are really had to come by these days. But, well, nothing has gotten done. I have dishes in there that need to be done, laundry that needs to be done and my poor living room looks like WWIII happened in there. He has just totally messed up my routine. I guess I had better be finding a new one, but, it’s hard.

I love him and love the extra time we have together, but, if he would just stay in bed until 9, we would get along so much better. :lol:. Nope, I get up he is here, on the computer, in my space, in the kitchen. He is just everywhere. I am so not used to that.

I have a yahoo group that is just for me. It is public, no one can join it or even knows it exists basically. You can’t search for it, it is just for me. Like, today is Deep Clean bedrooms which consists of washing bedding, and dusting, and stuff. When the reminder pops up, he’ll tell me, Hey Honey, you need to go Deep Clean the bedroom. Or Hey Honey, you need to declutter for 15 minutes here or there or whatever it says. I told him yesterday, that he read it so, he needs to do it. He told me No, it says Bobbie’s Clean Home Reminder not Mike’s. Well, shoot, he got me there.

So, anyway, this probably sounds like a bunch of whinning to most people, but, some people will understand. He is just messin up my routine. Not my life. I can adapt to something different. To quote Iva “I Will Survive”

Now, I am off to do dishes, 3 hours late.


7 Responses

  1. Oh, honey! I identify…I SO identify! When the Man Beast is home on Sundays and Mondays, my routines are shot. Bye bye. There they go – flying out the window. Syonara.


  2. Yep, I can identify with your loss of independence! When Dh is home during the week our whole routine gets scrapped for him. Even if he is doing NOTHING, the kids all want to be doing NOTHING with him! I like Iva’s phrase “Man Beast”, it fits!

  3. I hear ya, Bobbie!

  4. I have to deal w/this kind of thing every other 2 weeks when hubby is home from work I love having him home – when he’s working he’s over 600 miles away and we can’t visit except by phone – but man does he mess up my days, the kids school as well, not intentionally but we just want to do stuff together.

  5. I just loved this post because I have a blog (not on wordpress) where I have been referring to my husband as “the man” for 3 years, and I had never seen it elsewhere until today!

    Gave me warm and fuzzy feelings! (And I totally know what you mean about him being home…when I’m from school for breaks we have to plan time apart, or we go crazy :o)


  6. LOL! I think you should add him to your Yahoo reminders! “Mike’s turn to leave the kitchen for 20 min” ,”Mike’s turn to Deep Clean Bedroom since he’s reading this!” Can’t do without them, Can’t do anything with them underfoot!

  7. I took your advice and did it Dadiva. He didn’t think it was too funny though. lol

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