He is gone…

I just seen The Man off to work. That is really weird because well, I am used to him getting up and leaving by 4 or 4:30 at the latest and not seeing him again until anywhere between 4 and 7. We never knew when he would be home. Now, I know he will be home by 3:45 every evening unless he stops at the grocery or whatever but, there is a set time. I have no idea how I am going to react but, it makes it so much easier to plan when to start dinner and when to have it. Which in my book is a plus. lol. Another big plus, plus, plus, I got my mornings back. I got my mornings back. he he. I NEED my mornings. Like other people need their Java.

I am thinking about changing my blog over to blogspot. I am not sure how to do it or even if I am going to but, it is in the works. It would have the same title and such, but, I like the options over there a little bit better. But, I like wordpress also. I am in a quandry. Not sure what to do yet. If I could just figure out how to do things on here like change fonts and colors I would be good but, I am no good with code. It took me forever to figure out how to do pics and quizzes. Now, that I know they are second nature and really easy but, I have never been able to figure out the other. You would think they would have a button for that like they do everything else. lol.

But, just thought I would let you know what I am thinking.

Now, I must go look for a job because he has taken a considerable pay cut and while he is going to be making a good chunk of change it isn’t enough to pay all the bills so, I must get at least a partime job. lol.

So, off I go! Have a great day!!!!


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  1. Yay, you got your mornings back! Knowing when The Man gets home will become second nature to you. You will adjust. You’ll adapt. You’ll do great.

    As far as changing blogs…that’s completely up to you. I think once upon a time I had a wordpress blog. But it was a bit too challenging for me. I am really happy with blogger.

    But you know that whichever one you go with, I’ll follow you around 🙂

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